The RGD creates Diversity & Inclusion Committee
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The RGD is pleased to announce the creation of a new Diversity & Inclusion Committee in response to the need for action and accountability towards overcoming systemic racism and discrimination within the design industry. 


The mandate of the Committee is as follows:

  • Ensure that equity and respect for all is reflected in RGD operations and programming, with a view to overcoming systemic racism and discrimination within the industry.
  • Propose and assist in the development of new programs and the modification of existing programs, related to matters of systemic racism and discrimination.
  • Promote the inclusiveness of RGD, educate Members on issues related to systemic racism, discrimination and subconscious bias and develop resources to promote a more equitable industry overall.


The RGD's Board of Directors unanimously agreed on the creation of the new Committee.


“We have a critical role to play in addressing and dismantling the barriers that exist within the industry for Black, Indigenous and PoC creatives. We can work to create tangible opportunities and spaces where BIPoC creatives are seen and supported,” says Nicola Hamilton RGD, the RGD's President. “As an Association, we understand the influence we have in the representation, advancement and equality of BIPoC and other marginalized folks in the industry. I feel strongly that this Committee and its work will help to create a more equitable design community for our Members and the industry as a whole.”


The Committee will be chaired by Jennifer Taback RGD who has been the RGD's Vice President of Ethics since 2017; she is Principal of Design de Plume Inc. in Sudbury.


“Our efforts at the RGD are to support not only designers, but also to better the industry they work in and devote their energies to. Racism, discrimination and oppression are complex machines that we have to actively dismantle and this is one small way in which we can assist,” says Jenn. “By providing resources, spaces for discussion and promoting awareness, we hope to support our Members and highlight the important changes that still need to be made.”


The RGD's Committees provide a structure of volunteer support to assist the organization to achieve its goals and initiatives as directed by the RGD's elected Board of Directors and staff.


Certified RGDs, Provisional RGDs and Affiliate Members of the RGD who are interested in joining this and other RGD Committees are invited to apply here. (First preference for new Diversity & Inclusion Committee Members will be those Members who are already sitting on existing Committees who wish to move to the new Committee.)


If you have any questions about this new Committee, email RGD's President at .