Top 10 Qualities of Remarkable Designers
We asked designers to contribute their insights on what qualities and skills define a remarkable designer:


1. Problem Solving Skills. The ability to be flexible and creative with solutions, take initiative and be responsible for their decisions - Katerina Lyadova, Visible Media Inc.


2. Persistence. Those who stick with it through the ups and downs, setbacks and hardships, who genuinely love what they do, and are able to turn that passion into a resilience of spirit and disciplined focus – Adam Antoszek-Rallo RGD, Catalyst Workshop


3. Humility. Showing honesty, integrity, professionalism and openness to collaboration to achieve success. A willingness to embrace or compromise with others’ suggestions – Gary Laughlin, Sun Life Financial


4. Awareness. Knowing what a client is doing, who their competitors are and what is occurring within societies across the world, past and present. This is what adds meaning to work that might otherwise become superficial - Emilio Genovese RGD, Royal Ontario Museum


5. Adaptability. The ever-changing digital landscape requires a designer who can adapt to the latest formats and trends. A good designer is one who can learn a new medium and apply good design to make it look good, but also make it user-friendly – Talya Moshinsky, Clearview Digital Marketing


6. Passion. If one has passion for what they do, it will bleed into their work ethic. They will be eager to understand new things, learn more, and get better at what they do – Dave Gouveia


7. Organization. Able to accurately schedule project timelines. Timing is everything, and being organized means you’ll be able to address last-minute revisions and requests without breaking a sweat – Randal Boutilier RGD, 12thirteen


8. Perspective. A unique view of the world, a vantage point that brings freshness and a kind of 'strange love' output to an otherwise same, same, same design aesthetic - Nora Camps RGD Emeritus, DUO Strategy & Design Inc.


9. Curiosity. Genuinely interested in exploring new techniques and learning all that they can about their clients – Terra Gillespie


10. Creativity. It seems obvious, but a designer who contributes new ideas and fresh perspectives can always be counted on for a unique take on projects – Elden Nuqui, Aird & Berlis LLP


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