Ceri Higgs Provisional RGD appointed to the RGD Board for 2020/2021

At its September meeting, the RGD Board of Directors voted to appoint Ceri Higgs Provisional RGD to the Board for a one-year term.  


Ceri is Graphic Design graduate of Conestoga College with a BS in Psychology from the University of Toronto. She currently works as a designer for TechBoomers Media Inc. and freelances as a hand letterer. She is an active Member of the RGD, serving on the Events Committee since August 2019. She helps in hosting various RGD events in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. 


We asked Ceri what interested her about joining the Board. "It was an honour to be appointed to the RGD Board of Directors. The RGD Board is a fantastic group of designers, leaders and educators working diligently to set professional standards for design and build a stronger, more supportive design community. I am looking forward to contributing my experience, skills and passion to help support the goals of the RGD. Today, in the midst of a global pandemic, many of us are facing new and different professional challenges as we get accustomed to the changes due to COVID-19. As a recent graduate and someone who is new to working exclusively from home, my heart goes out to graduates entering the workforce during these trying times. As a Member of the Board, I hope to help with initiatives for new graduates who are looking for guidance or support for working from home, maintaining a good work-life balance and prioritizing their mental health."


Provisional RGD Members are invited to apply to serve on RGD Committees and get involved other ways as a first step to be considered for one of two annual Board spots.


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The RGD has a full-time staff but is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Every year, at RGD’s Annual Meeting, Certified RGDs have the opportunity to vote for up to 7 Certified RGD Board Members who serve alternating 2-year terms. Student and Provisional RGD Board Members are appointed to one-year terms based on their Committee participation.