Past Evaluators share Advice on Presenting your Portfolio for RGD Certification

As a part of the RGD's Certification process, the candidates present 6 case studies pieces of their work virtually to 3 Evaluators over 30 minutes. We asked our past Evaluators for advice on the portfolio presentations. Read below what they had to day!


Cover all the points requested for each project: drafting a script or using flashcards helps keep you on track. Prepare in advance which project you will be going into more depth on. Practice the presentation and time yourself—try to respect the 30-minute time limit.

   - Nayla Yehia RGD, Freelance Designer


"Practice! Don't wing it. Time it so it doesn't go on for too long, but make sure to include details through the design process. Have a friend role play with you. In your head, always have the question "why did you make that decision?" when you go through your work. Clients will always ask that and as the designer, you never want to be caught off guard or default to "because it's pretty". 

   - Victor Szeto RGD, Creative Director, Green Living Enterprises


"Be prepared to talk about much more than the technical aspects of what you're presenting. Explain what your inspiration was and how you progressed from the concept through to the finished work. It is often the prep work and/or the thumbnail that really tells me if the designer can 'design think' as well as design."

   - Robin Honey RGD, Senior Freelance & Brand Strategist


"Remember not to describe what the evaluators can plainly see in front of them. Mention who worked on it, where and when. But spend most of your time describing how you worked and why you made certain choices."

   - Julian Brown RGD, Owner & Creative Director, ON THE CHASE!


"Be sure to be clear on what your role on each project was and how you contributed. Don't take credit for the whole project if it was a team effort."

   - Evelyn Csiszar RGD, UX/UI Designer, Strategist & Consultant, Collective Experience Inc.


"Many times candidates for RGD present work that was done earlier in their career as part of their portfolio, when it is clear from later pieces the quality of their work has improved. In these cases, I would present the original work and a revised version to show how they have evolved as designers."

   - Gil Martinez RGD, Art Director, Newcom Media Inc. 


"We are really interested in your process. We have seen all the finished pieces, but it is great to know how you started, how you refined it, how the end goals impacted your decisions and what research you did to arrive at your solution. We love the process work!"

   - Jennifer Taback RGD, Partner, Design de Plume Inc.


"Try to remember that you know your work better than any of us do, and it's easy to take for granted steps in your process that we haven't been privy to. Walk us through everything. Tell us anecdotes about what working on the project was like. We can see what the end result was, but your role and your story are what we're really looking for."

  - Katherine Carney RGD, Senior Graphic Designer at University of Toronto


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