Cambrian Solutions Personal Care Ingredients Catalogue
Cambrian's Catalogue showcases the variety of value-added ingredients that Cambrian offers with an eye-catching guide highlighting the wide range of unique benefits and functionalities. 



Marketing Manager: Sarah Burgess

Designer: Alyson von Massow Provisional RGD

Strategy/Content: Amelia Walker, Shadan Rahman, Nicolas Munoz, Kippy Partridge, Diana Franco

Photography: Various


Design Solution:

To reflect the significance of product look and feel within the Personal Care industry, the catalogue uses texture as a key element of the design with swatches and smudges of creams, concealers, clays and waxes. The tactile element on the page mimics how consumers often try products on the backs of their hands. On the cover, chemical formulas overlaid over natural, botanical ingredients represent the intersection of science and nature in the ingredients. The catalogue was very well received and Cambrian sales representatives use the booklet on a weekly basis when introducing themselves and the company to prospective customers.