Legal Services Society 'How to Appeal Your Conviction' & 'How to Appeal Your Sentence' Booklets
This project revises existing resources to make dry and intimidating subject matter more accessible to an audience of people in jail through bright, attractive and easy-to-follow design updates.



Content: Legal Services Society, Community & Publishing Services

Editor :Grace Yaginuma

Designer: Ana Agner

Legal Reviewer: Chris Darnay (External)

Development Coordinator: Patricia Lim


Design Solution:

The infographic feel of the pullout flowchart at the beginning is carried throughout the booklet, which is designed with a modern “digital” vibe. Increased emphasis on the visual elements of the design was achieved through the addition of tables with bold step lettering, distinctive icons for easy identification of the different courts and creative callouts of instructions on sample forms. Margins were widened and font was enlarged overall to improve readability. The project was more than a year in the making, involving input from the courts, government, prosecutors, legal workers in the field and individuals in the system.