Ryerson University ‘Ryerson at a Glance’
This project aimed to create a publication highlighting the outstanding impact and accomplishments of Ryerson University for key stakeholders, potential partners and prospective donors. 



Marketing Director: Jim Wentzell

Art Director & Graphic Designer: Nik Firka

Copywriter: Derek Flack

Principle Photography: Jesse Milns


Design Solution:

With key emphasis on an elevated photography style speaking to the university’s dynamism and urbanity, the publication creates a narrative thread pointing to the ultimate mission of Ryerson which is to make a real-world impact through city and community building. Beyond the typical ‘at-a-glance’ style university publication, this book was designed to be both a source of information and inspiration. The project set a new standard for photography at Ryerson and led to the update of the brand photography guidelines.


Judge’s Pick:

Like its new Student Learning Centre, this Ryerson University publication is built like an architectural multifaceted gem. The stellar photography provides the artistic structural support on which the entire book rests. Each shot is meticulously curated and provides a human narrative that automatically tells the reader what the story will be about before even having to read one word. The typography, overall graphic grid and colour palette pull on all the right strings and are integrated into each spread with the right dose of creativity and technical manoeuvring. The true creative success here is that the book highlights the vibrancy of the Ryerson brand while showcasing the dynamic optimism the institution is pushing forward.

– Eric Pellerin

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