New Identity Design Projects by RGD Members

Check out new projects from Awake, Backcountry, Intent and Public Address. 

Inspired by their work on the Kitchener, Barrie and Waterloo public library brands, Ben Hagon RGD and the team at Intent was hired by Oakville Public Library (OPL) to radically reimagine their brand.
OPL engaged in Intent’s proprietary process which yielded revelatory ideas, the tagline “You Belong Here” and the new logo called the “convergence” symbol, which uses diagonal slashed lines to reinforce the idea of many people coming together. Following this work, Intent rolled out a full rebrand platform.
David Taylor RGD and the team at Awake refreshed the identity for Van Der Hout, a Toronto-based jewelry design brand to create a more clear and galvanized impression on their customers. 
The ask was to create an identity that was a bit more fun without compromising a premium impression of their brand (as they didn’t want to alienate their existing core consumer). The resulting timeless mark and palette straddles both worlds, fun & premium – complete with a bespoke wordmark and positions them as a more serious contender in the competitive world of online jewelry sales. Watch out for many more collateral pieces in the upcoming months.  
Jon Allison RGD and the team at Backcountry designed the identity for Love Kingston campaign for Kingston’s economic recovery team. 
The campaign is focused on building community and economic vitality to support the re-opening of businesses in Kingston. Check out the videos featured in the campaign here
Elliot Vredenburg RGD and the team at Public Address designed the brand identity for the Foresight Studio, a boutique strategic advisory group made up of practicing strategists, artists and designers. 
The studio takes an experiential approach to communicating strategies for addressing global challenges. The brand needed to reflect the group’s dual personality: professional and unconventional. Public Address anchored the brand design with a dynamic, pictographic logo. The four eyes serve as an immediate stand-in for the studio’s name, and the pupil position and wordmark alignment shift depending on the studio’s focus – eyes right to indicate foresight, eyes left to suggest hindsight, and eyes centre to represent insight. The playful logo is paired with a stripped-down, serious identity to reflect the studio’s unorthodox approach to pressing issues.

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