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Mel Sutjiadi RGD and the team at ArtOverMatter Creative designed Calgary Pride Festival’s 30th Anniversary campaign. The final creative centred on a multi-coloured illustration of two hands holding each other – further emphasized by the official tagline: Together, #WeAreCalgaryPride.
The project grew to include all marketing collaterals, merchandise design and sourcing, beer can design (in partnership with a local brewery), as well as branding of the Learning Series program and the #OurPride initiative. As the festival goes virtual, the team further assisted this transition by designing the festival’s official app, supplying live broadcast graphics, social media templates, revamping the festival’s website and many more.
Elana Rudick RGD and the team at Design Is Yummy designed the poster, DVD and sleeve for the film Chewdaism: A Taste of Jewish Montreal.  
In this hilarious documentary, comedy duo Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion discover their heritage in the story of Jewish Montreal as told through an entire day's worth of eating around the city.
Yurko Gutsulyak RGD and the team at Gutsulyak.Studio designed the logotype for Le Beau, Toronto based French-style croissanterie with an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and superior desserts. 
Elegant and distinctive identity balances between contemporary and classic design. Every single letter of logotype was designed from scratch to reflect Toronto’s overall visual impression and the owner’s passion for craftsmanship and perfection. A light Art Deco hint helps to communicate French cultural heritage and the origin of dessert recipes.
Ben Hagon RGD and the team at Intent was hired by The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer to design and produce the action plan for cancer control in Canada for the next ten years. Intent designed a crisp, clean, easy to read document in print and accessible PDF formats.
The long, detailed document required a professional design approach to satisfy all audiences.It sets the priorities and actions required to meet the core objectives of Health Canada in controlling and combating cancer. This long, detailed document required a professional design approach to satisfy all audiences.

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