The RGD launches six-part Webinar series for In-house Designers
In-House Perspectives: A Knowledge-Sharing Webinar Series for In-House Creatives

The RGD is excited to launch a new six-part Webinar series focused on knowledge-sharing between and for in-house creatives.


In-house designers face unique challenges, but they also have unique opportunities. This series explores topics around creativity, careers, work processes and design management as they relate to in-house creatives. Attendees can expect to hear from some of the industry’s best as they discuss the systems, tools and ideas that have been successful for them.


The Webinar series will be moderated by Kathleen Scott RGD, Creative Strategy Team Lead at Bruce Power and a Member of RGD's Board of Directors and Events Committee.


“After moderating panels and taking part in some roundtable discussions at RGD’s virtual In-House Conference, I found that there were several recurring themes and also, what felt like, unfinished conversations,” says Kathleen Scott RGD. “I’m excited to have the chance to do a deeper dive on some of these topics. One thing that has really struck me during my time volunteering with the RGD, is how much we can learn from our peers if we take these opportunities to listen and share.”



As with all Webinars, RGD Members register for free! Non-Members can register for one Webinar at $45 or 3 webinars for $115.


This Webinar series is sponsored by FunctionFox.

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