The Word and the Image Are One

Presented by Timothy Samara


All design projects incorporate just two kinds of stuff: type and imagery. One challenge faced by many designers (even seasoned ones) is how to seamlessly unify the two within their projects. In this webinar, designer Timothy Samara dissects the formal aspects of typography—shaping, structure, value, texture, detail, and rhythm—in relation to those of imagery to reveal their common visual ground. Real-world project examples will demonstrate theory in practical application, outlining a variety of strategies that can help designers overcome type’s perceived, alien difference from other visual material to yield an integrated totality of expression.


About Timothy Samara

Timothy Samara is a New York–based graphic designer and educator whose 30-year career has so far focused on visual brand identity and communication design. Since 2000, he has split his time between professional practice and academia at several prestigious institutions. Mr. Samara is a frequent lecturer and contributor to design publications both in the U.S. and abroad. To date, he has written ten books on studio practice (all from Rockport Publishers), which have been translated into ten languages and are used by students and practitioners around the world.


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