New Video explains how RGD Certification addresses Items on your To-Do List
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Packed to-do list and no time to get Certified? The RGD's new Excuses video details how the path to Certification can help you with tasks that you are already doing or need to do.


Writing case studies as part of how you present your portfolio? These can be part of your Certification Application.

As part of your Certification Application, you submit 6 Case Studies for the 6 projects that you'll present in your Portfolio Presentation. Answering the questions in the Application can help you to refine your existing Case Studies or help you develop new ones which you can use to present your work in a variety of other formats.


Click here to learn more about the Case Study portion of RGD Certification.


Reading design books? You've started studying for the test.

Another step in the Certification process is to complete an 80-minute, open-book, multiple-choice Test. The Test covers Business, Accessibility, Ethics, Design Principles and Design Research. This material has been selected to help RGD raise standards in the industry. By reviewing and understanding this content, you'll become a better, more effective designer and a more valuable asset to employers, clients and colleagues.


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Networking? Might as well show your case studies.

The final step in the Certification Process is virtually presenting your Case Studies to a panel of 3 senior design practitioners. The Presentation allows you to talk through your work and connect with 3 senior professionals active in the Association. These connections are just a few of the multitude of Certified RGDs you'll meet when you become active in the Association.


Click here to learn more about the Portfolio Presentation portion of RGD Certification.


The bottom line? Get Certified to get more out of the things you're already doing or need to do to help jumpstart your career!



The video was created by Naila Medjidova Provisional RGD.


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