Top 5 Ontario-Based Craft Brewery Branding

By Cris Jaw RGD, Creative Director, Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)


Craft beer is one of my favourite topics. In addition to the enjoyment and appreciation of artisan brewers’ labours of love, we also get beautiful art and design that’s not restricted by big commerce. I also love how brewers extend creative expression with product lines like apparel and posters.
Below are some of my favourite Ontario-based craft brewers. What a great way to support local businesses! 

Collective Arts

Image: Snapshot taken from Collective Arts’ Hamilton brewery.

This is one of my favourite craft beer labels. I find the vibrant packaging enhances the whole experience. Designed in-house, all the cans and bottles feature works submitted by artists all around the world. 




Beau’s is the OG of championing art and design. If you are ever in the Ottawa area, make a stop at Vankleek Hill. Designed in-house, the creative expressions are full of whimsy – sure to put a smile on your face. In 2016, Beau's Brewery was named the DesignThinkers of the Year

Blood Brothers

Image: and @bloodbrothersbrewing on Instagram


This local brewer in the Toronto Junction neighbourhood has a unique vibe. Designed by Meghan Kraemer, Creative Director, Hard Work Club, the design focus is driven by iconic occult symbols and graphics, which brings a distinctive brand aesthetic. 

Bellwoods Brewery



This Toronto craft brewery is located in the trendy Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood, hence the name. Designed by Doublenaut, the labels often feature beautiful typography and colourful graphics. The tribute to classic design tropes is like a secret handshake to design nerds like myself. Penguin book cover anyone? 

Oast House Brewer


This Niagara-based brewery has always had a strong brand presence with broad appeal. Designed by Insite, the packaging for their new line is absolutely charming. I love the application of vintage patterns to an unexpected category like beer! 

Cris is a Toronto-based creative professional that specializes in in-house design development and management. In 2018, in anticipation of Canada’s foray into the brave new world of cannabis legalization, Cris joined the Ontario Cannabis Store to head up the brand and visual design portfolio. She currently leads the OCS content team where they focus on content marketing and education. Prior to joining OCS, Cris served as creative director at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, where she oversaw a multi-disciplinary team of graphic designers, photographers and production artists. Under her direction, the team created retail promotional campaigns for in-store and online channels, events graphics, packaging design and editorial publications. Cris has been a member of the RGD since 2006.




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