Insights from week 1 of DesignReThinkers 2021

The first week of RGD's annual DesignThinkers Conference prompted us to reconsider our ways, the systems around us and re-imagine a better future. Below are some takeaways from presentations and discussions over our first week. Check out more on social media using the hashtag #rgdDT.


"I want to be as human as possible, I don't want to hide, run, destroy or prove anything. I simply want to see and be seen through my work." 

Timothy Goodman, Designer, Illustrator, Muralist & Author



"We tend to forget how many of our current ideas and attachments to the body are deeply rooted in ancient myths across cultures. These creation myths still define the way we think about our interactions, the world, other beings and social hierarchies including racism, patriarchy, individualism."

Galit Ariel, TechnoFuturist, Author & Creative, Future Memory Inc.



"We need to start producing journalism in digitally native ways like short vertical videos, briefs and blurbs — that's what people want and we need to adapt." 
— Kat Downs Mulder, Managing Editor of Digital, The Washington Post
"A lot of Indigenous cultures place a huge priority on oral storytelling. This is really interesting because you have to be a great listener to pass on those stories, to interpret and re-tell them."
Jennifer Taback RGD, President & Partner, Design De Plume Inc.
"Accessibility is a far more normalized practice than non-disabled people realize. It is any method of action, function or display that an individual uses to accommodate their mind and body. Every single person has accessible practices they use without even realizing it."
Jessica Oddi, Disabled Designer
"To fulfill any kind of sustainable aspirations, we have to very profoundly revisit the systems that we have built around us."
 — Benedetta Crippa, Graphic Designer, Studio Benedetta Crippa
"Multidisciplinary teaming is the currency that will drive future innovation. It gives you the ability to see the future through a multitude of different lenses of people, industries and trends."
— Kevin Bethune, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, dreams • design + life


"Designers are consumers of visual culture and history leading us to look for things in our world and make sense of them." 

Jessica Helfand, Artist, Designer & Writer, Design Observer


If you aren't registered or are and want to revisit something, recordings from Week 1 are now available through the conference platform. Registrants will have access to recordings of the sessions until the end of February 2022. 


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