Accessibility Projects by RGD Members

Check out projects from Costa Leclerc Design, Design de Plume Inc., Manoverboard and by David Berman RGD, Kelly Small RGD and Mirela Zdjelaric RGD


Taking inspiration from and collaborating with Sarah Bloomfield, a nurse in Michigan
, David Berman RGD created a DIY “Clear Covid Mask” that lets people deaf and hard of hearing see the wearer’s mouth.

The field testing demonstrated that while people who are deaf and hard of hearing benefited greatly from others wearing such masks, everyone communicated better when they could see each other’s mouths. Click here to view the DIY instructions



Meggan Van Harten RGD and team at Design de Plume Inc. recently launched ArQuive’s new, accessible and inclusive website.

This website creates an approachable experience for people looking to find more information on the history of LGBTQ+ people in Canada and creates an inviting atmosphere where users can donate records or financial support to the organization. Accessibility was a must for this project in order to ensure that no barriers were met in someone’s web journey.



Andrew Boardman RGD and the team at Manoverboard developed a new site for Pitblado, a full service law firm founded in 1882 and the second oldest law practice in Manitoba. The new site showcases the breadth of expertise and qualifications of the law firm through an engaging user experience and accessible content.

Built on strong relationships with its clients, the site features ongoing thought leadership, customized lawyer profiles and the full expanse of its services — all within a flexible, scalable and mobile-friendly design system. On the path to accessibility, they focused on good keyboard navigability with visible focus states when tabbing and performed blind screen-reader testing.



Mirela Zdjelaric RGD designed an accessible digital PDF for CI Investments to implement AODA to their marketing design files. 

The process started directly in Indesign. From the proper naming of paragraph styles, tagging images, charts and logos, to organizing layers and exporting to an interactive PDF. Once the PDF was created, another review was done to make sure the reading order is correct and no errors appear.



Denis Leclerc RGD and the team at Costa Leclerc Design designed a virtual publication for Groupe Média TFO that redresses the current shift in reading behaviours.
This on-line schedule promotes TFO's programs to clients and subscribers simultaneously as an HTML5 and an accessible PDF. The publication is responsive, with interactive functions and offers the option to download an accessible PDF version, if needed.
Kelly Small RGD along with illustrator Nadia Alam designed this one-time-gift campaign, a series of mini animated vignettes showcasing the heartwarming moment when a person who is blind or partially sighted meets their life-changing CNIB Guide Dog for the first time.
Described video, ALT text, ultra-high contrast CTAs and a restrained colour scheme aimed to ensure that this critical message made its way to all people. Click here to watch the video.

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