RGD's Year in Review: 2020
2020 has been one for the history books. It's been a year filled with difficult challenges and unexpected opportunities for growth here at the RGD. Let's take a look back on some of the highlights from the past year and look ahead to what's in store for 2021.

RGD's 2020 by the Numbers


     • 2,396 new Members

     • 55 Certified RGDs

     • 155 Committee and Board Members

     • 5,501 posts/messages on Member Slack Workspace



     • 40 e-newsletters sent to 23,500 subscribers

     • 38,000 followers on our social media (6,500 increase)

     • 28 Featured Members

     • 103 jobs on the RGD Job Board


Professional Development

     • 49 webinars with 8,000 attendees

     • 1,990 attendees at virtual conferences

     • $3,000 in cash and free registrations for DesignThinkers Scholarships



     • 51 Social Good Design Awards from 300 entries

     • 812 Student Award entries from 400 entrants with $23,000 cash prizes

     • 16 RGD Awards to graduates from RGD's Partner Programs



     • 2 Designathons (pre-pandemic) with 38 students/grads designing

       for 12 non-profits with 9 mentors

     • 130 emerging designers received Mentors

     • 200 virtual and in-person portfolio reviews


RGD's 2020 Achievements

Perhaps more importantly, RGD continued to advocate on behalf of the profession and raise the profile of graphic design across Canada. In 2020, RGD:

     • Pivoted RGD events to online formats incl. DesignThinkersCreative

       Directions and In-House Design Conference

     • Adopted a new joint Code of Ethics with GDC and SDGQ

     • Formed a Diversity & Inclusion Committee to ensure equity and

      respect for all is reflected in RGD operations and programming

     • Hosted RGD's first-ever virtual Annual Meeting for Members

     • Elected Nicola Hamilton RGD as President, who connects with

       Members by monthly President's Messages emails and IG Lives

     • Launched Virtual Communities to connect designers in similar work

       settings, with similar backgrounds or similar interests

     • Published updated results for our Creative Earners Survey

     • Presented RGD's Design Educator Award to Aidan Rowe

     • Launched the UltraBold Awards for designers 35 and under

     • Launched a new In-House Design Webinar Series

     • Adapted RGD's Mentorship Program as Internship Edition

     • Launched Freshly Certified Webinars with newly-Certified RGDs

       presenting their Certification case studies

     • Published Skills Testing Guidelines

     • Published Sustainability Guidelines

     • Provided resources, webinars and tools to support designers in the


     • Launched a Creative Earners Survey to understand the impact of the

       pandemic on Canadian designers (complete by JAN 8, 2021)

RGD's 2021: What's Next

Stay tuned for more information on the exciting new initiatives and returning programs coming up in 2021.


2021 Initiatives

     • Launch Member Dues Relief for Certified RGDs & Provisional RGDs

       experiencing financial difficulties

     • Add fields to Directory for preferred pronouns and demographics 

     • Collect demographic information from Members to better understand

       our community

     • Reconceive our Design Educators Award to make it easier for

       students and educators to nominate their instructors/colleagues

     • Develop speaker guidelines to ensure presentations are diverse,

       accessible and reflective of our community

     • Launch new Mentorship Program for RGD Certification Candidates

     • Provide presentation outlining RGD for students and educators

     • Re-conceive our Designathons for the virtual world

     • Provide a new Certification Sticker for RGD Emeritus Members



     • Design Educators Conference, January 13–15

     • In-House Design Conference, April 12–16

     • Creative Directions Conference, May 3–7

     • DesignThinkers Conference, November 8–19

     • New Accessible Design Webinar Series



     • In-House Design Awards

     • Student Awards

     • UltraBold Awards