Thank you to the RGD's Volunteers for 2022

This December the RGD celebrates our 12 Volunteers of the Month for 2022 and thanks all of our Members for their support and contribution to the RGD's programs and initiatives now and in the future. 


January - Ronald Tau RGD


"We have had energetic and vibrant discussions in each RGD meeting I have attended with other volunteers. It has been a driving force through the pandemic."
Founder of Meat StudioRonald is a Chinese Canadian art director and graphic designer specializing in creating visual identities. He creates in multicultural creative contexts, crossing cultural borders through creativity and design. 

February - John Furneaux RGD

"The RGD connects designers with people, ideas and resources that they would not normally have easy access to. And volunteering is an amazing way to experience all of these great connections first hand."
John is the founder and the creative and strategic lead at B3 Strategy, a collaborative consultancy. For 30 years, John has worked closely with organizations of all sizes, from entrepreneurial start-ups to global leaders.

March - Amanda DeVries RGD


"Volunteering [with the RGD] gives you an excellent platform to practice real-world skills that will ultimately benefit your career and beyond."
Amanda, Brand Builder and Resuscitator at Eye Candy Design, has been an independent brand and graphic designer for 17 years, specializing in branding and packaging for food & beverage companies.

April - Ian Chalmers RGD

"By volunteering for the RGD I've gained a better appreciation of my peers, the next generation of designers, our design community and how design fits in our Canadian landscape.
Ian is the Founder and Design Director of Pivot Design Group and Founder of DesignMeets. With more than 25 years of experience in the fields of design and design research, Ian is an acknowledged leader and provider of creative design solutions.

May - Olivia Baker-Sullivan Provisional RGD


"By being a part of the RGD, I have gotten to manifest skills through volunteering I would not have gotten out of my own work (at a junior level), including more direct project management and pitching."
Olivia is designer at Block and a recent Masters of Design graduate from NSCAD University. Her areas of greatest interest are drawn from past experiences: interior design, web and print design and event design. 

June - Rupsha Mutsuddi Provisional RGD

"Volunteering with the RGD really helped me connect with people who gave me great advice and took a genuine interest in my career."
Rupsha is an Indian-born Canadian graphic designer who has a strong multidisciplinary focus. She is a Master's Student in the MDes program at York University. Her research is located at the intersection of healthcare, accessibility and spatial justice. 

July - Alex Vranjesevic RGD 

"There is always something new to learn and having a place to learn it and grow is what makes the RGD so valuable."
Alex is a Creative Director at Thermor Ltd. With over 10 years of experience, her forte is bringsing all the elements of design together to create designs that tempt the eye, inform the end user and serve regulations that support safety, accessibility and clarity.  

August - Tomomi Lo RGD

"When people have questions about their careers that they can’t discuss with anyone, the RGD usually has resources to help or can connect you with people who can help."
Tomomi is an Interactive Art Director at McOuat Partnership. With 15+ years’ creative experience working in agencies, in-house and freelance, she has built her skills in various design disciplines. 

September - Catherine Charbonneau RGD, Michelle Hopgood RGD and Alana McFarlane RGD


Catherine: "Volunteering [with the RGD] is a never-ending opportunity to discover and learn about yourself. It is not just about helping others."


Always curious to explore new subjects, Catherine works as an independent book designer. Her high standards of quality, attention to detail and organizational skills are assets that she enjoys sharing with collaborators to create books that exceed expectations.


Michelle: "Through volunteering I feel that I can really give back and thank the RGD for their assistance while hopefully making it a little easier for the next generation of designers with disabilities."


Michelle is Founder, Creative Designer and Information Specialist at Hopgood Creative and a Design Educator at Seneca College. With over 15 years of experience, she helps researchers, academics and thinkers use the power of design to explain complex ideas.


Alana: "The RGD is like a home to come back to and re-find the love of the work."


Alana is a designer working in Vancouver, Canada. With a love of ethics and aesthetics, she is known for out-of-the-box thinking and a commitment to design excellence. Her client experiences cover a range of industries, including building science, healthcare, mining, the arts and education. 


October - Elana Rudick RGD 

"The RGD plays a pivotal role in helping to shape the perception of our industry to those outside of it."
Elana is the Founder and Creative Director of Design Is Yummy; an award-winning studio in Montreal that specializes in crafting thoughtful and engaging designs. 

November - Lionel Gadoury RGD 

"The RGD is a reflection of Canada — highly diverse and focused on getting things done. And giving voice to passions and inspirations, raising awareness and gaining respect for professional standards and accreditation are hallmarks of the Association."
Lionel is the Founder and Director of Strategy and Creative Services at Context Creative. Lionel's goal is to put graphic design and communications to work by helping clients act on new opportunities and creating memorable brands and campaigns that achieve goals.