Ten Most Popular RGD Webinars of 2021

The RGD hosts 3 to 4 webinar presentations per month featuring leaders from a variety of design & business disciplines. From amongst our 10 most popular webinars of 2021, accessibility and in-house design emerge as hot-topics for the year.


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10. In-House Perspectives Series 2 - Rebranding Strategies

Presented by Paul Fast, Vincent Galante RGD & Tabatha Montagano and Kevin Moran RGD & Linh Trinh. Moderated by Kathleen Scott RGD



Working on a brand refresh or a complete rebrand for your company is an exciting opportunity, but there are many things to consider during the process. Have you done an audit of your current brand? Will this be a collaborative effort with an outside agency? Do you have an implementation plan? This webinar looked at the strategy and practical considerations behind going through a rebrand with your in-house design team.


9. In-House Perspectives Series - Digital Asset Management (DAM): Implementation and Best Practices

Presented by Erin Grandmaison RGDNadine Kuhlkamp RGD and Julie Barge RGD. Moderated by Kathleen Scott RGD



Having quick, easy access to your digital assets can significantly improve your workflow. In this webinar, three in-house design professionals shared their experience with DAM system implementation and use in their organizations.

8. Signage and Wayfinding Series - Placemaking

Presented by Loren Aytona Arena Prov. RGD and Adam Fine. Moderated by Teo Herman RGD.



Placemaking helps to create a distinctive image for a site that works with the architecture, interior design and other elements of the environment to create a sense of place. This webinar looked at how the explicit communication of information in an environment can create a unity and a sense of place.


7. Accessible Design Series: Accessibility in Signage and Wayfinding

Presented by Toban Allison and Aurelia Fleury. Moderated by Magued Hanna RGD



There are a number of different aids that can be used within signage and wayfinding systems to help those who have visual, hearing or mobility impairments. Through presentations from designers working in the signage field, we see practical examples and learn how good design is also accessible design.


6. Accessibility in Design - Basic Accessibility for Adobe InDesign - Part I

Presented by Dax Castro



In this webinar, we learned how to design PDFs in InDesign
 and to work in Acrobat to build accessible features. 


5. Freshly Certified — Creating Effective Packaging Case Studies

Presented by Adeleke Aladekoba RGDJordan Bamforth RGDKailey Scott RGD, Ronald Tau RGD. Moderated by Amanda DeVries RGD.



Our diverse panelists of recently Certified RGDs broke down their case study processes and answer questions about their experiences. This Series is for designers hoping to understand how others present their work succinctly and effectively in the virtual world. 


4. Accessibility and Usability: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Presented by Samuel Proulx. Moderated by Magued Hanna RGD.



Through real-world examples and highlighting common missteps, this webinar revealed how accessible design work isn’t just about checking all the technical boxes – it’s about considering the user too.


3. In-House Perspectives: Starting Off On the Right Foot: Research, Brainstorming and Ideation

Presented by Raj Sidhu RGD, Neal Halverson RGD and Dianne Semark. Moderated by Kathleen Scott RGD.


The beginning stages of the design process are sometimes undervalued and misunderstood in-house. Through three presentations, this webinar explores processes and techniques for understanding the design problem before jumping into the design solution.

2. In-House Perspectives: Getting the Right Information: In-take Forms and Creative Briefs

Presented by Cris Jaw RGD, Vishu Mahajan and Amanda Parker. Moderated by Kathleen Scott RGD.



Many problems both organizationally and creatively can be traced back to the start of the design process. Having a solid process at the beginning can change the outcome of a project. In this webinar, three in-house design professionals share how their design teams receive incoming work and collect information for a creative brief.


1. Accessible Design Series: Creating Accessible Online Documents - Part II

Presented by Denis Leclerc RGD. Moderated by Magued Hanna RGD.

This webinar reviewed 10 steps that designers should incorporate into their workflow when creating publications in InDesign.