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From design justice to design presentations to design systems, we share our most attended webinars of 2022.


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10. Design as a System

Presented by Timothy Samara


Most designed works are systematic: they often consist of several parts, sometimes each with different content and functions that must recognizably interrelate. In this webinar, designer and educator Timothy unpacks the challenges unique to the design of visual systems and outlines practical methods for meeting them — demonstrating theory in action through a variety of real-world projects.

9. Present the Concept and Pass the Potatoes

Presented by Robert Smith RGD
Using the idea of a family dinner where everyone is looking for something different, Robert shares techniques on presenting concepts to clients. It is the same meal but some want a bit of everything, some people are picky, others will complain etc...


8. From “Social Good” to Design Justice: An Intro to the Design Justice Network

Presented by Victoria Barnett



Shifting from thinking about “social good” as the intended outcome of a design process, this webinar digs into how to do better through the process itself, with an introduction to the concept of design justice. Victoria unpacks the 10 design justice principles and share examples of how you can put them into practice, encouraging community-based and equity-centred design that supports social change.


7. How to Choreograph Better Design Presentations

Once a design is out in the world, it should be intuitive enough to speak for itself, but, in the design process, someone needs to effectively articulate the design decisions to get the project off the ground. How can we make our design conversations more inclusive, interesting and effective? From creating stakeholder personas to arranging your story curve and setting up your presentation file, the Konrad design team shares ideas so you can more effectively choreograph your next design meeting.

6. Accessibility in Design Series: Checking for Colour Contrast

Presented by Barbara Moody
How can you know what colours and contrast are appropriate? How can you ensure that all people can read your documents?Barbara reviews and demonstrates the use of a variety of colour contrast checkers including those available online, as plugins or in mainstream applications like Microsoft, InDesign and PDFs. 

5. Accessibility in Design Series: Accessibility Powers Creativity

We know accessibility is good for all but what happens when accessibility principles don’t work for all Indigenous communities? Meggan explores how cultural considerations and Indigenous perspectives encourage increased uptake of accessibility principles and how you can apply accessibility standards in a meaningful way for an Indigenous audience. 

4. In-House Perspectives Series: Retrospectives — Sharing Design & Experience

Two seasoned in-house designers share their favourite projects, biggest lessons learned and how they have worked with the same brand over many years. Krys and Donna provide examples of great design work and the stories behind it.

3. Signage and Wayfinding Series: Placemaking

Presented by Erin Grandmaison RGD, Dave Hollands and Elizabeth Novak


This webinar features case studies about creating a memorable signage and wayfinding experience integrates all channels and resonates with its diverse users. 


2. In-House Perspectives Series: Design Management

Whether you're an experienced manager or someone transitioning into a team lead role, managing a team can be both rewarding and challenging. This webinar offers advice, tips and best practices for design management and leading an in-house creative team.

1. In-House Perspectives Series: Making the Shift to Accessible Design Practices (Panel)

As legislation comes into effect and more companies are seeing the value of making their communications accessible to all, designers are having to navigate what that means for their in-house team and their processes.This webinar looks at how design teams are making the necessary changes for digital accessibility.

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