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Format of DT presentations recordings, going back to 2009 up to 2019, is now more user-friendly and better organized. 


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The videos are organized by year starting in 2009 as well as tagged by topics that include branding, business, ethics, information design, in-house, motion and more.


DesignThinkers 2020 videos will be added in March. 


Below are a few gems to start the binge watching: 



Legendary film titles designer Kyle Cooper presents some of his leading edge work 



Currently Senior Director of Product Design at Adobe, Khoi Vinh was Design Director at The New York Times when he spoke. In this presentation, he examined how digital media was altering the value that designers bring to audiences. 



One of the original MadMen (as he always likes to describe himself), George Lois presents "Has Design Thinking become an Oxymoron?" Her first of many inspiring, informative DT presentations Jessica Hische explains the intricacies of the type and lettering world, the importance of passion projects and how letting your personality and humanity guide your professional life is one of the smartest new ways to find success. Join VP of the Google Creative Lab, Robert Wong, for 50 minutes of random and reflective thoughts about life, love, work, happiness, HTML5 and a better world through creativity.



In a heart-felt, humorous presentation, Stefan Sagmeister explores the possibilities to achieve happiness as a designer.


Currently Creative Director at Apple, in 2013, Darhil Crooks was the Design Director of the US magazine The Atlantic. Here (not unlike Khoi) he considers the future of print in the digital age.
Jessica Walsh discusses how play is a state of mind that is at the heart of any creative process requiring innovation. Erik Spiekermann explains how to keeping the A**hole Factor Down. Spanish designer Javier Mariscal offers more visual poem than presentation and received a standing ovation for it. An epic year, 2014 also had presentations by Aaron Draplin, Ellen Lupton and Irma Boom.
Sree Sreenivasan shares Digital, Mobile, Social Lessons from The MET. Sebastian Padilla goes Fast To Nowhere. Andy Mangold discusses Design and Privilege. Karim Rashid expounds on The Business of Beauty.
Former White House creative director Ashleigh Axios reminds us of a simpler time when Obama was President and design played a role in making that happen.
Mimi Valdes shares her story about how honouring your authenticity can best spark creativity. As the global head of design at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Ralph Gilles joins Scott Dadich for an on-stage interview. Formerly Chief Design Officer at Airbnb, Alex Schleifer dives into how working on digital products requires a wide spectrum of skills—from defining high-level strategy to digging into the execution details. 
Pentagram partner and design genius Michael Bierut provides an inside look at how he creates design solutions for clients large and small, rich and poor, difficult and easy, serious and fun, and how you can, too. 
Founder of Creative Mornings, Tina Roth Eisenberg shares an inspiring look at her creative journey, from turning her personal visual archive into a popular design journal to founding various businesses. Lauren Hom  recounts how a series of playful passion projects evolved into a thriving career for her as a hand lettering artist. Another Pentagram Partner, Natasha Jen provides a different view on design through unpacking the problems with some common, emerging beliefs on managing design.