The RGD announces Design Partner for In-House Design Conference 2021
Canada Life has signed on to develop the branding for the RGD's In-House Design Conference taking place online from June 7 to 11. 

RGD's In-house Design Conference offers creatives working within corporations, organizations and government with professional development, inspiration and opportunities to connect with colleagues and industry leaders.


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"I love attending design conferences such as DesignThinkers. Part of the experience is seeing the conference branding and discovering which studio was behind the design. Being asked to develop the branding for the In-House Design Conference is an honour and a special opportunity for us to develop something meaningful for the in-house community. Conference designs are often such important examples of effective design and I am thrilled that our team gets to experience that," explains Julie Barge RGD, Manager Visual Design at Canada Life
"The most challenging aspect of the project has been to come up with a theme and concept that is relevant to in-house designers in 2021. We wanted a develop a visual theme that captures the challenges of being a "work-from-home, in-house" designer. Once we landed on a theme, we considered how to express that with the type and colours. We wanted it to resonate and really speak to the design trends inspiring all designers right now," says Julie. 
Along with Julie, Starla Benson RGD, Sasha Scott, Brandon Grail, Jordan Gosselin from Canada Life are collaborating on the branding for the conference. 
Fuelled by their love for good design, the Canada Life team used inspiration boards, sharing designs they love and discussing possible themes, ultimately breaking off to develop their own ideas. The team tried everything from a polished conceptual approach to a light humorous approach to something experimental. The confluence of all the designs and ideas brought about a good conversation and a well thought out approach for this year’s conference.
"Since the event is virtual and being promoted digitally, animation was an obvious area we wanted to explore. We are lucky to have talented animators on our team so we knew motion would play an important role in any conceptual approach," shares Julie
Finally, each member of the team came up with a concept and presented it to the RGD. Once a theme was decided upon, the entire team contributed to the tactics and design for the conference branding.  
Stay tuned for the 2021 In-House Design Conference branding reveal! 
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