The RGD unveils branding for DesignThinkers 2022 by DDB
Doyle Dane Bernbach Canada joins the group of illustrious design firms to take on the branding for Canada's largest communication design conference. 


"The theme for 2022 conference 'Defy' is a reminder that growth and change happen only when we get uncomfortable, break rules or take risks," offers Howard Poon RGD, Vice President, Design, at DDB Edmonton. "We want attendees to remember that they have a spark within them. We hope Defy will reignite and amplify their passion for design. As design professionals, we often forget to see the forest for the trees when we let project deadlines, client and business demands drive our days. It’s in us to take on the ordinary and the extraordinary. At DesignThinkers 2022, we defy the same old, same old!"


The DDB team began ideating for the conference branding in June 2021 and are exploring the visual design of the concept. They are excited about how the look-and-feel of the branding will evolve to build a cohesive identity for an event that is scheduled to take place in-person in Vancouver in the spring and in Toronto in the fall. For the team at DDB, it's important to connect as well as differentiate the two events. 


Before the launch of the 2022 teaser, the team did a two-week design marathon. "We were reminded that good design solutions take time to craft. That the magic happens during the in-between time when we can review and refine. And that involving the RGD's Design Committee early and along the way will result in a much better end-product," explains Howard


The DDB team landed on a monochromatic design solution. "Using only the RGD brand colours — red & white — is a deliberate limitation that will force us to be creative as we iterate the brand look-and-feel," says Howard



DesignThinkers brings together visionaries from a range of disciplines to explore creativity, the design process and the future of design and design thinking. The conference will take place in Vancouver from May 31 to June 1 and in Toronto from October 26 to 28. Registration for Vancouver opens in January and for Toronto in May.

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