#HeyRGD showcases Student RGD Members and their work
#heyRGD. A Year of Design: 2021

The RGD's Student Committee is excited to launch #HeyRGD, a new Instagram and LinkedIn initiative created to help students promote their work and connect with industry professionals.


“During our initial brainstorm at a Student Committee meeting, there were a few themes that stuck out in our conversations,” says Rupsha Mutsuddi Student RGD, co-Chair of the Committee and a Student at Conestoga College in Kitchener. “Students have increasing feelings of isolation and alienation because of the pandemic and completing school in an online format, and many upper year students are having trouble finding internships and placements. We felt this challenge would create a sense of community while we live our virtual lives as well as help students get exposure for their work.”


How #HeyRGD works


Each month, a new prompt will be presented based on a design element/principle. To participate, students share a project that demonstrates the prompt on Instagram or LinkedIn with the hashtag #HeyRGD.


For each new principle, Student RGD Members will be selected based on how well they used the monthly prompt, and will have their work featured on the RGD Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. One student will also have the opportunity to present their work on an Instagram Live and discuss it with an RGD professional. 


Each month, a prize will also be given as a random draw from all of the entrants for that month and a prize will be given to the entrant with the most likes on their work. You must be a Student RGD Member to receive recognition or a prize.


“We hope that this initiative creates an opportunity for designers to share their projects into the real world, meet fellow creatives, expand their network and gain the attention of professionals,” says Committee Member Yasaman Fakhr Student RGD who attends George Brown College in Toronto. “We are excited to be able to inspire, cultivate and share student creativity,” adds Kristi Sprague Student RGD, Conestoga College, Kitchener. “This initiative creates a space for work to not only be highlighted, but also for it to be spread and admired, giving everyone involved the opportunity to feel part of a larger network, which is something that's really important to the Committee.”


Interested in participating?

Remember to make sure your profile is public. You can submit old work, something new or even old work that's been posted already (just edit it to have the hashtag #HeyRGD and the prompt). To be selected to present your project on Instagram Live, you must provide a brief explanation of how you used the prompt in your work.


The prompt for January is #colour! We can't wait to see everyone's submissions.



Student Committee Credits:
Strategy/planning: Yasaman Fakhr Student RGD, Rupsha Mutsuddi Student RGD, Kristi Sprague Student RGD
Design: Kristi Sprague Student RGD (concept), Yasaman Fakhr Student RGD and Rupsha Mutsuddi Student RGD (concept roll-out)