The RGD launches Membership Dues Relief Program
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To support Members' ability to participate in the RGD community and to provide opportunities for emerging designers, the RGD's Membership Committee has developed a program that offers dues relief for 2021. 


The program is available to existing Certified RGD & Provisional RGD Members and design professionals with less than 8 years work experience who wish to become Provisional RGD Members (approval pending completion of required portfolio review). 


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"This is a difficult time for everyone. Through the Membership Dues Relief program, the RGD stands behind its Members fulfilling our commitment to build a strong, supporting community. Over the years, I have witnessed how being a part of the RGD community has helped Members grow. This program ensures that the Members, who wish to remain involved, can do so during these testing times," explains Rod Nash RGD Emeritus, who spearheaded the initiative along with Danielle Wong Provisional RGD


"Being able to help develop the Membership Dues Relief program with Rod has been one of my most cherished experiences with the RGD. It was important that we did research on similar programs and got input from various RGD volunteers in order to make this program as equitable as possible for our Members. Being able to help those who need it, no matter their circumstances, has always been a particular passion of mine and I feel I was able to fulfill that with the creation of this program. I know that if I didn't have the money to be a part of the RGD I would be very grateful to still have a chance at all benefits that the RGD has to offer," shares Danielle Wong Provisional RGD


The RGD has earmarked funds to be utilized towards this initiative. The applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the number individuals receiving the support will depend upon the applications received under each category of Membership.


The Membership Dues Relief program is in addition to offering Certified RGD and Provisional RGD Members the option to pay only half dues for 2021, no questions asked. We are proud to announce that so far this year 75% of those Members how have paid their dues have paid in full, demonstrating both the value they place in the Association and also that they are in a financial situation to allow them to do so. 


The RGD thanks the Membership for supporting and contributing to all our initiatives, programs and events. 


Send your inquiries regarding this program to Heidi Veri, our Director of Membership at