Deloitte's In-House Team to develop Branding for 2022 Creative Earners Salary Survey

The 2021/2022 Creative Earners National Salary Survey will open March 7 with a deadline to complete by June 6. 


"Our creative team worked with the RGD in 2016 on the DesignThinkers Conference and it was an amazing experience. Collaborating with them again on a project that benefits the Canadian creative community was also inspiring and a great challenge for our team. We are stoked to take this on!" offered Donna Graffi-Smith RGD, Associate Creative Director, Deloitte Canada.  

Realizing that the in-house design team of designers, animators, creative directors and copywriters at Deloitte were in fact the target audience, the team began their research by discussing why some of them had or had not taken the survey in the past.
“We started by really unpacking what value the survey holds for the creative community in Canada. Then our creative team collaborated to brainstorm ideas. Being a hybrid virtual team, we used a digital whiteboard tool to house our ideas and inspiration,” explains Donna. “The board tracks contributions in real-time, so it was quite thrilling to watch the mood board develop with new ideas and information — even while we are all geographically distanced.” 
To ensure that the team at Deloitte had covered all bases before settling on a creative direction, they studied different types of surveys, human resources data, hiring processes and the changes to work incentives in the past few years. They also took inspiration from past design approaches and solutions for Creative Earners
Through the results of the survey, the RGD raises awareness about the economic profile of the creative industry in Canada. The upcoming survey will also analyze the changes affected in industry as a result of the pandemic.
Stay tuned for more information on the 2022 Creative Earners National Salary Survey and your opportunity to contribute to this important research!