The RGD announces Design Partner for 2022 Creative Directions Conference
Meat Studio has signed on to develop the branding for the RGD's career development conference, Creative Directions, taking place online from February 14 to 18, 2022. 

Creative Directions gives students and design professionals at all experience levels the tools to develop their careers in the communication design industry.


Registration opens in December 2021!

“A conference like Creative Directions would have been immensely helpful to gain insight on the industry when we started out as designers. The brief from the RGD was meaningful and felt so personal that we had to take on the branding for 2022,” offers Ronald Tau RGD, Principal and Creative Director at Meat Studio. “Since 2020, Meat Studio set up its office in Toronto, we have been building client relationships and looking for meaningful projects in branding and visual identity design. This project offered both purpose and exposure!”


“We set out to create a design that would communicate the professionalism and legitimacy of a career conference, but with empathy and humour. The challenge was definitely to identifying the sweet spot between fun and legitimate, seriously executed but not too self-conscious or over-designed that it would be distant or intimidating,” says Ronald


At Meat Studio, the design process is led by a strong concept that resonates with the entire team. Having experienced unexpectedly challenging career paths, the team let honesty and empathy as fellow designers guide the creative and aesthetic decisions for the branding. A creative career is anything but predictable and linear — adding lightness and humour to this creative struggle, the team’s initial design was more comedic. However, research and reinterpretation led us to develop a unified and simplified design language, translating into a tone that would be relevant and appealing to an audience of creative professionals.


“We were aware we would be designing for designers, but the design itself is reflective of everyday vernacular, like signage and street signs — something more reduced, almost “basic”, but still fun to look at,” explains Ronald.


Stay tuned for the 2022 Creative Directions branding reveal! 


If you are interested in sponsoring the Creative Directions Conference, email Michelle Pereira Hampton, Director of Communications & Development, at 


Send general conference inquiries to Abdul Omar, Programs Coordinator at .