Personal Branding by Rayvn for a Financial Entrepreneur helps create an Online Community to share her Expertise

By Denny Kurien RGD, Creative Director, Rayvn


Sarah Carlson is a financial entrepreneur based in Spokane, Washington. For the past 25 years, she has run a successful wealth management and financial planning business. She approached us to create her personal brand where she leverages her knowledge and financial expertise to help female entrepreneurs with their personal finance. Her goal was to create an online community of female entrepreneurs who could benefit from her wisdom. She wanted to use Instagram to build her tribe.
Sarah came to us with a name that she had already registered — Love Money Journal. The first step in our design process was to have a discovery session with her. We learned that she was a graduate of Yale University and that she had faced a lot of challenges in her life, which she overcame. She is a strong woman who holds herself up to high standards.
Using this information, we put together her mission, vision, values and her personal brand attributes — pure, strong, elegant, classic and minimal. Based on this we derived 3 mood-boards. She picked a mood-board direction and we proceeded to design 3 logo concepts. Once she chose the logo, we proceeded with designing her social media content and lead-magnet. We also designed & developed the Love Money Journal website
During our research, we discovered that the majority of of financial advisors on Instagram were either mommy bloggers who advocate frugal living or millennials who pose as fake gurus and present some secret system that helped them get out of debt. Sarah on the other had solid financial training and 25 years of professional experience in the field. Her brand archetype was that of 'the sage' — one that displays wisdom, expertise and intelligence. Using the right combination of colour, typography and graphics we brought her brand to life. The brand is designed to resonate with female entrepreneurs. The customer archetype of 'the explorer' — independent, self-directed, values freedom. 
Keeping her style in mind, the design was minimal and elegant. Our recommendation was to go with the colour blue (the colour for Yale). We focused on getting the right typography down and created simple iconographic illustrations that she could use on all her marketing material. We then combined this with professionally-shot photography that portrayed Sarah at her best.
We launched her brand on Instagram and created a content strategy, as well as a digital sales funnel for her to capture leads. Right now she has 213 loyal followers on Instagram and this is growing steadily. Her personal brand also has had a halo effect on her financial wealth management business. Many prospective clients have discovered via Instagram, Google search and have  reached out to her for financial advice and consultation. Check out Love Money Journal's Instagram Page.

Denny is the Creative Directors & Co-founder Rayvn, a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that combines branding, interior design, and digital & social media marketing. He has been a branding and design consultant for the past 20 years. He is passionated about empowering small service-based business owners to create extraordinary brands and attract clients. 








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