The RGD reveals Branding for 2021 In-House Design Conference by Canada Life
Based on the theme of balance and harmony, we are thrilled to 
unveil the branding by our Design Partner Canada Life for our In-House Design Conference taking place virtually from June 7 to 11. 

Registration is now open! All Access and One-Day Passes available at early bird rates until April 30.


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This year's programming includes presentations and panels discussions on June 8 and 10 with roundtables taking place on June 7, 9 and 11 and networking/discussion on an online platform over the week. Check out our confirmed speakers for the 2021 Conference.


We interviewed the team at Canada Life about their experience developing concept and branding for the 2021 conference. Read what they say below: 


"In-house designers have a great deal of synchronicity with the teams we work with and the companies we work for. A key part of our branding for the Conference focuses on a series of shapes and structures — quite literally exhibiting a sense of balance. Colour and composition play an integral role in completing the design and creates harmony throughout the whole branding package,” says Starla Benson RGD, Senior Digital Designer at Canada Life.


“I am most excited to build a sense of interaction in the conference materials using animation. It is my hope that our design will bring a sense of life and energy to the Conference and inspire the attendees to soak up the knowledge the speakers have to offer,” offers Starla


"Each structure of shape is delicately placed and crafted to give a sense of balance within the whole composition. On a deeper level, these individual shapes represent designers. Each shape is unique and has its own way of supporting others within the structure. In-house teams are individual designers who come together, support each other and grow together," shares Brandon Grail, Senior Motion Designer at Canada Life


The team at Canada Life hopes that attendees will be uplifted by the theme and branding for this year's conference. Their bright colour palette and smooth, satisfying animations have been crafted with an intention to remind the audience that sometimes we need to take a step back and find our own sense of balance and harmony.


"Our biggest challenge on the project was to set aside time to develop our design concepts and materials. Creative burnout is very real, and tough to overcome. But working together as a team, we finally started to see the concept come to life as we narrowed down colour palettes, fonts, logos and graphics," explains Brandon.


Brandon created the overall concept of using shape, sound and animation to convey the idea of balance and harmony. He developed every element right down to editing the music to suit the feel and pace of the animation. Starla helped direct the colour palette, font and interpreted the look to work in a static composition. Sasha Scott, Senior Digital Designer and Jordan Gosselin, Senior Motion Designer brought the elements to life for social. Brandon and Julie Barge RGD, Manager Visual Design, worked together on the website, a first for the In-House Design Conference!


"The website allows the conference to have its own moment and make it simple for those interested in attending to see what is offered. Overall we wanted the conference branding to resonate with designers with the theme of harmony and balance while catching their interest with experimental design," explains Julie


For more details visit the In-House Design Conference website


Watch a teaser of the Conference branding: 

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