The RGD Student Awards Branding for 2021 by Wedge Revealed
Taking us back to the fundamentals of design, the RGD 
unveils the branding by RGD 2021 Student Awards Design Partner, Wedge.

Students enrolled in design programs across Canada are invited to submit projects under 21 categories. Each winner will receive a cash prize of $750 provided by our Award Sponsors


The deadline to submit projects is May 28. Apply now!


"When the RGD team presented us the opportunity to do the branding for the 2021 Student Awards, it brought back memories of our early days in school. In school, there aren't many opportunities to connect with industry professionals. And although there are a lot of design competitions for students, only a few offer feedback to entrants, as well as cash awards to the winners. We took on this challenge because we wanted to support the future designers in our community and help them to connect to industry," says Justin Lortie, CEO and Founder at Wedge

"Since these Awards are for students, we wanted the branding to speak to them, to be inspiring, positive and exciting. The concept is based on fundamentals of design: colours, typography, layout. We developed simple visuals that bring attention to the Awards and create a sense of curiosity,” explains Justin.
The team at Wedge started the design process by formulating a visual strategy that involved research and ideation. They visualized and conceptualized the path ahead before getting into design, allowing them time to discuss different approaches with the RGD's Design Committee. For this year's theme, it was agreed that, we should reflect, after a difficult year, the bright future that awaits graduating students! 
Through the branding process, Wedge added a website for the Student Awards to their deliverables. "With the special circumstances in school this year, our options to produce physical material was limited. The web component wasn’t planned initially, but our team has been working more and more in Webflow, and this allowed us to add an extra piece to what we cold offer. There is an initial brief, but it’s always good to ask why this project exists, what is its context and where it should exist," offers Justin.


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