The RGD unveils Branding for Creative Directions 2022 by Meat Studio
It's the direction you are looking for, but not expecting. We are thrilled to reveal the branding by our Design Partner Meat Studio for Creative Directions 2022 taking place virtually from February 14 to 18.

Registration opens December 2021!


"Most attending "Creative Directions” are expecting “direction” or at least “pointers”. The design solution is an arrow that is supposed to show us “direction”, but instead it twists and turns and is more unsure and non-linear than we all expect (or want) it to be," says Ronald Tau RGD, Principal and Creative Director at Meat Studio


From the 2022 branding, the team at Meat Studio hopes to draw an understanding smile from the attendees about the confusing and, at times, frustrating nature of finding or creating one’s own path in their chosen profession. "We are most excited to have fellow designers see the launch of this design. If we manage to give some designer somewhere a chuckle, we feel the design has succeeded. We are also looking forward to expanding the applications of the identity, adding more coloured arrows to reflect different stages in careers and of course, creating obligatory mock-ups of tote bags and other merch!" offers Ronald


Knowing that they were designing for designers, the team at Meat Studio was half expecting to flex their design muscles and appear sophisticated, but all their initial concepts had some level of humour and irreverence. "I suppose that speaks a bit to our common internal desire [as designers] to just play and that though we have to take our craft seriously, we do not always have to take ourselves too seriously," explains Ronald


Wanting the design to be nonchalant yet geeky, the arrows in the branding appear randomly drawn, but they, in fact, have deliberate paths that are symbolic metaphors of the trajectories of design careers. The team at Meat Studio is pleased with the balance of weight between the typography within the arrow and how well it reads as both arrow and type.

Stay tuned for more details on the 2022 Conference!
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