Becoming Design Office designs Hoyne Brewhouse's Sub-Brands created by their talented Apprentice Brewers

By Ross Chandler RGD, Creative Director at Becoming Design Office Ltd & Co-Founder of


Becoming Design Office has been the studio of record for Hoyne Brewing Co. for the past two years. We recently worked with Hoyne to develop a sub-brand of beers to highlight small-batch beers created by their super talented team of apprentice brewers. The result is the Young Lions Series and the first beer to be released under this new brand is the Hoyne Hazy IPA.
Knowing that there would be several new beer releases each year from the Young Lions Series, we created a repeatable design system so that new beers can be released quickly without the requirement to come up with an original design concept for each new release.
The design solution is inspired by the ideation which happens when true craftspeople create something new and unique. There are messy sketches and the construction of key elements to develop an idea into something real. There is also a nod to tradition and the teachings of a true master (Sean Hoyne, in this case). The resulting graphics are a true illustration of the Hoyne brewhouse, drawn in a blueprint style with original sketches and calligraphy to name process and ingredients.
Once released, the beer completely sold out in less that 4 weeks, in all formats.



Design, illustration and calligraphy - Zyre Moss-Hoskins Provisional RGD

Printing (labels) - Maestro Graphics
Printing (Sleeves) - Glenmore Custom Print & Packaging
Writing - Sean Hoyne

Ross is a 15 year veteran of the graphic design industry and founder/creative director at the brand design studio, Becoming Design Office. He is a graduate of OCADU where he won the school medal for editorial design and went on to work at leading creative studios in Toronto and Vancouver before settling in Victoria, BC. His approach to design is process-based, strategic and often relies heavily on typography, which he believes is the cornerstone of applied design.







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