Join the reinstated Provisional RGD Committee to make a Difference and Connect to Peers across Canada

Are you a Provisional RGD or would like to become one? If so, you invited to apply to join our newly reinstated Provisional RGD Committee, an opportunity to network with like-minded peers, share your experiences, get support and build your career.


This Committee will assist the RGD, as an organization, to develop resources and initiatives to serve this specific level of Membership. The Committee will meet once a month to discuss group initiatives and provide networking opportunities for Provisionals from across Canada.
“It is important that we restart this Committee so Provisional Members have a place to connect and voice the challenges, concerns and experiences that they have at this level. I am extremely excited to be co-chairing the Committee and cannot wait to meet other Provisionals and see what the Committee can accomplish,” says Danielle Wong Prov. RGD, Edmonton.
The mandate of the Committee is as follows:
  • Identify and advise on opportunities for the RGD to increase exposure to recent graduates and people that are in the early stages of their careers.
  • Develop relevant and meaningful resources to Provisional RGD Members
  • Assist in advising and implementing programs and services that benefit Provisionals RGDs from across Canada.
Members of the Committee will help brainstorm, plan and execute programming and services aimed at benefiting all Provisional RGDs, share knowledge with peers and potentially access presentations by Certified RGDs as learning opportunities.
“Provisional Members face an entirely different situation than Student or Certified RGDs. We're getting our feet wet in the industry but we still have a lot of questions about how to become the designers we want to be, figure out our career path, find the work we’re passionate about and continue our commitment to the values of the RGD. Having a group of peers to discuss issues and initiatives with — that have similar work experience and are on a similar career level — would be an invaluable resource," adds fellow Committee Co-Chair Ceri Tully Prov. RGD, Waterloo.
You would also increase your own exposure by being listed on the RGD website and have the opportunity to contribute to RGD initiatives. Your participation will contribute greatly to the Committee's success and make a real difference to Provisional Members across the country.
Applications are still being accepted.

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You still have time to become a Provisional if you are not already one!

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