Updates to RGD Directory enable searches for designers who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Disabled and Living with a Mental Illness
The RGD is excited to announce that updates to the RGD Directory allow for RGD Members to self-identify as 2SLGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Disabled and/or Living with a Mental Illness on their profiles.

RGD's Directory offers a comprehensive list of contacts in the Canadian graphic design industry for those seeking to hire designers (or creative agencies) for full-time employment, freelance or projects ranging from logos to websites to promotion.


“As more people are recognizing the importance of and value in hiring diverse talent, we wanted to make that search easier for everyone involved,” says Jennifer Taback RGD, VP and Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committe. “With this change to the Directory, RGD Members have the opportunity to self-identify with any of these identities on their public profiles, and in turn clients can narrow their searches for RGD Members who identify a certain way. Our hope is that with this change, designers who may be traditionally overlooked or untapped have the chance to stand out, and that people in hiring positions can meet the designers that they want to work with.”


The change also allows for Members to add their pronouns to their Directory profiles.


The Directory continues to allow for searches based on name, area of specialization, location, keywords, languages covered and interest in freelance.


The RGD encourages Members who would like to do so to update their information. The Association is also collecting more detailed demographic information from our Members to help ensure that our programming is diverse and inclusive; this information is not public and can also be updated on your profile (details below).


How to update your Directory profile

  1. Log in to your Member profile (“reset password” option in red text beside “login”)
  2. Click “Profile,” scroll to “Identity”
  3. Fill in your information!

Note that listings in the RGD Directory are not available for Student RGDs and Junior Affiliates.