The RGD releases Updated Guidelines for Use of Membership Identifier Logos
RGD logo guidelines for members

The RGD is pleased to introduce a revised set of guidelines for use of the RGD identifier logos for each category of Membership, developed by our Communications Committee


The guidelines provide identifier logos for Certified RGDs, Provisional RGDs, Team Membership, Affiliates, Student RGDs and direction for their usage on websites, in print and on social media platforms. 


“How we present our RGD designation to clients and industry is key. It should be the start of a conversation — one that establishes our expertise and positions us for success. All the hard work and high standards don’t mean much unless we all represent the RGD clearly and confidently. These new guidelines for use of the RGD identifier logo make it easier for all our Members to do so across their digital platforms," explains Julian Brown RGD, VP & Chair, RGD Communications Committee.  


By using the RGD Identifier logo on websites, personal email signatures, business cards, LinkedIn profiles and other print and digital promotion, Members have an opportunity to promote their level of expertise and commitment to the Association.


“I enjoyed the process of working on the updated logos and usage guidelines. I hope that these updates will give RGD Members more clarity and flexibility with how they can showcase their Membership! I know I look forward to updating the logo across my various promotional channels,” says Jack Henry Provisional RGD, who along with Meg Lynch RGD, developed the identifier logo guidelines. 


To receive a copy of the guidelines, visit the 'Promo Tools' page in the Members-Only section of the website and fill out the request form corresponding to your level of Membership.


All Members are encouraged to read through the updated guidelines which are sent with the logo image files to ensure all material meets our brand standards. 


For questions relating to identifier logos, email RGD's Membership Coordinator, Zaria Pucknell, at