Creative Earners Branding by Deloitte aims to destigmatize conversations about salaries
With the intention to promote transparency in salaries, the 2021/2022 Creative Earners Salary Survey branding by the in-house design team at Deloitte is themed 'creatives revealed'. The survey will launch March 17 with a deadline of June 6. 
Creative Earners, Canada's national survey of salaries and billing practices in the Canadian communication design industry, provides a financial picture of where we work, who we work for and what we’re paid.
This year's branding signifies openness, aiming to remove any stigma surrounding discussions about salaries. To communicate this, the in-house team at Deloitte used slightly concealed graphic treatment for the messaging with different lighting, filters and transparency effects that decode the messaging. Colours and font choices are vibrant and bold to reflect optimism and empowerment. The red motif symbolizes strength, energy, Canada and the Associations involved, the RGD and also GDC
"Experimentation, testing and refinement were vital parts of our design process. It was essential to make sure that our design works in all types of applications. Through flexibility and iterations, we were able to break free of rigidity that sometimes sneaks into these sorts of projects," offers Donna Graffi-Smith RGD, Associate Creative Director, Deloitte Canada
With the branding, the in-house team at Deloitte hopes participants will feel that the Creative Earners Survey is a safe and inclusive initiative to share sensitive salary information and that it encourages everyone to do their bit by filling out the survey to give our creative industry the benchmark data we need to advocate for fair pay. 
"This has been an exciting collaboration for our internal team with the RGD. It is not every day that an in-house design team gets to create a visual identity package outside of our brand guidelines for an external client. And I love how our team is making this development fun and enjoyable — we're coming up with creative names for the colours we have used and tying financial nuances into naming our elements, like calling our redacted bars design element our salary bands." says Donna.  

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