Updates to the RGD Website to enhance Member Experience and Usability

The RGD is committed to providing Members at all levels with resources for professional development and avenues to promote and share their work and expertise. Keeping this in mind, we have made changes to certain sections of our website for ease of access and to enhance Member experience. 


A search option has been added at the top right corner of the Members-only section allowing Members. This will be particularly helpful for Members searching for specific speakers and/or topics in RGD's extensive Video Archive  


The DesignThinkers Video Archive in the Members-only section of the RGD website can now be searched by the location of the speaker and by the last name of the speaker. 


“There was a real opportunity to surface some of the incredible depth of DesignThinkers video content within the RGD website. The challenge was to do this around the current website content management system and the constraints that exist. The team was able to make some adjustments to the video archive to help with usability. The RGD's Communications Committee and Board is working to rethink our Member experience and redevelop the website to meet the continuing needs of our growing Membership,” explains Ian Chalmers RGD, Design Director & Principal, Pivot Design Group, who assisted us with the reorganization, as a Director on RGD's Board and Member of the Membership Committee. 


The 'Inspiration' page under Resources section and 'Insights' page under Find Designers section of the website have also be modified to enable searching for articles by the author's last name to help recognize the amazing contributions of so many Members who share their knowledge and insights for our website and newsletter content.


If you would like to find out about writing and contributing content to RGD communications, email RGD's Communications Coordinator, Rushika Shah at .


If you have any suggestions to enhance your experience as a Member, contact RGD's Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, at .