Unique .design domain names and websites you've seen!

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As a designer, having the right name for your website or portfolio is crucial. Your site conveys your personal identity and uniqueness, communicates what you do and establishes your professional credentials. When well-chosen, your domain name allows you to make an impression to your audience before they even arrive at your website.
With an overwhelming array of domain extensions to choose from and more than 380 million domain names registered to date, finding a name that is both unique and available is a true challenge. However, as a designer, the .design top-level domain is the most brand-able, relevant and professional option — and as a RGD Member, you can register yours for free!
To get some inspiration for your .design site, we have gathered a list of our favourite .design sites, starting with some names that you might find familiar! Global brands like Airbnb and other design industry leaders are using .design sites to feature their design-centric content.


AirBnB.design shares inspirational findings and thought-provoking articles from the design team at Airbnb. From a design perspective, Airbnb.design offers a flawless structure and information hierarchy. The two and three-column layouts perfectly organize all the content and neat formatting ensures that important information is intelligible even if you’re scanning the site quickly.



If you have a quirky personality, you will undoubtedly appreciate the website of Absurd Illustrations. Indeed, the website pulls you into a marvelous world of sometimes surprising but certainly unforgettable handmade drawings. In contrast to the quirkiness of the illustrations themselves, the website navigation is extremely logical and thought-out. This makes Absurd.design a beautiful marriage of idiosyncrasy and usability.




Eyetooth.Design is the brainchild of Steve Cartwright, a graphic designer in Brighton & Hove, UK, with over 20 years of experience. The eyetooth.design website is playfully inviting, with bold colours and dynamic elements welcoming you as you explore the practice’s extensive portfolio. Eyetooth’s work in logo design, brand identity and web design have served clients from musicians and tarot readers to restaurants and mortgage brokers. Steve even discounts his rate 20% for musicians and singers!





Gurafika.design is the website of Luis Garcia-Ochoa, a freelance designer and brand identity specialist based in Spain.
With over 18 years of experience, Luis is skilled in many areas of design including marketing, advertising, video, photography, editorial design, layout, web design, 3D infographics, illustration, multimedia, animation and packaging.
Gurafika.design is an excellent reflection of Luis’ talent, with engaging colors and dynamic animations.


Threedee.design’s website is neat and clean, with a professional appeal that emphasizes the contrasting whimsicality of their 3D illustration packs.
A prominent hero area secures a powerful first impression, their client list is packed with top-tier tech companies and their illustration products are prominently displayed for lead generation.
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