RGD announces Board of Directors for 2022

The RGD's Annual General Meeting took place on April 23 to review the Association's accomplishments over the past year and appoint Directors to the Board for 2022/2023. Visit the Members Only section to watch a recording of the meeting.


Three Certified RGDs were re-appointed to the Board at the Meeting: Julian Brown, Elyse Maxwell and Kathleen Scott. Additionally, the RGD is pleased to welcome newly-appointed Board Members Kathleen Scott RGD, Evelyn Csiszar RGD, Noah Ortmann RGD, Kyle Schruder RGD and Mel Sutjiadi RGD.


Goals of our New Directors:


Julian Brown RGD: "I want to help our Association grab the attention of an ever-increasing number of practising designers. We must utilize new tech and push new ideas while we uphold the ethics and professionalism on which the RGD is built."


Elyse Maxwell RGD: "I aim to continue working alongside the Membership Committee as our situation continues to evolve, assessing how we can be there for our Members and provide more value as our numbers grow."


Kathleen Scott RGD: "As we transition back to in-person events, I hope to find ways to create meaningful experiences whether that’s in-person, virtual or a hybrid of the two. For the past two years, I have also produced an in-house design webinar series with the RGD that I hope to continue."


Evelyn Csiszar RGD: "My goal is to help bridge the gap between the UX design field and the RGD through initiatives that will help connect and engage UX practitioners with the community, resources and level of professionalism the RGD provides. With these efforts I hope to increase membership and representation for UX practitioners within the RGD community."


Noah Ortmann RGD: "As a designer who has been dealing with health issues throughout my career, I plan to increase the visibility of Members who deal with health issues. In addition to my work with the Education Committee, I plan to develop content, help grow a sub-community and represent the cause within the RGD community."


Kyle Schruder RGD: "As part of the Membership and Certification Evaluation Committees, I’ve become interested in helping the RGD grow its ranks. We have a lot to offer the design community, and I hope to find ways to amplify that."


Mel Sutjiadi RGD: "As an organization of designers who support other designers, the RGD should continue to provide a welcoming space for designers who live in the intersections of identities, give an equal platform for diverse voices and lived experiences, and support its Members in their journey of growing to be better humans. As a Board Member, my goal would be to support initiatives of the D&I Committee and make sure that we continue to evolve to be a more inclusive organization."


2022 Committee Reports:

A recording of the Annual General Meeting, along with Nicola Hamilton RGD's President's Report, is available for Members in the Members Only section.


The 2022 RGD Board of Directors is:


  • President: Nicola Hamilton RGD (Toronto)
  • Vice Presidents: Julian Brown RGD (Toronto); Elyse Maxwell RGD (St Catharines); Faron Dawe RGD (Moncton)
  • Secretary: Kathleen Scott RGD (Kincardine)
  • Treasurer: Victor Szeto RGD (Toronto)
  • Directors: Amanda Boltë RGD (London), Amanda DeVries RGD (London); Evelyn Csiszar RGD (Squamish), Magued Hanna RGD (Toronto), Noah Ortmann RGD (Toronto), Kyle Schruder RGD (Toronto) and Mel Sutjiadi RGD (Calgary)
  • Ex Officio: Danielle Wong Provisional RGD (Edmonton) & Rupsha Mutsuddi Student RGD (Cambridge)
  • Advisors to the Board: Yasaman Fakhr Student RGD (Toronto) and Chelsea Schmidt Student RGD (North Bay)
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