Motion Design elevates Fanshawe College's Virtual Open House Branding and Experience
Fanshawe College hosted their biannual Spring Virtual Open House on March 27 with over 5,000 attendees from around the globe. The marketing and production goals for the event were:
  • Increase awareness about Fanshawe College to prospective leads and the target audience. 
  • Create an engaging Virtual Open House experience for applicants.
  • Move applicants through sales funnel to confirm or provide leads for the applications.
Due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, new photography and videos were not available to form part of the event’s design assets. One of the key challenges in communicating with the prospective audience was conveying a reason to attend, considering competing events and growing fatigue with digital event experiences and online learning environments. 
It was critical that the creative aspect of event stand out in a competitive field, disrupting what audiences might expect from higher education and offering an engaging, inspiring and relevant digital experience.
Since this is a biannual event, the design team had been working on evolving look and feel of it for sometime. For this year, instead of depending on the photography, we decided to rely heavily on design, typography and related elements. 
We researched trends in kinetic typography and brutalism before landing on a look that resonated with the Fanshawe brand and Open Houses over the past few years. 
With bright colours and clear, animated text, the motion graphic carried over the look and feel of the television commercial. All print items were created in tandem with the motion graphics to have a cohesive theme and to engage with our audience in a refreshed way. 
Deliverables for this event included a television commercial, registration microsite assets, email campaign header, applicant mailer (QR code puzzle and invitation), social media assets, print ads for the Londoner and London Free Press, bus shelter ads and billboards. 
Creatively-aligned with all of our promotional collateral, we launched the website and received 900 registrations in two days, far surpassing our expected target for the first week. Overall, the marketing campaign successfully engaged with our target audience in a fresh animated way with a 58% increase in registrations as compared to the previous Open Houses.
The Television Commercial
Credits: Andy Ayala (designer - print), Jenny Bowman (designer - motion)Brandy Huxley (creative direction) and Kendra Matheson (marketing)
Jenny works as a graphic designer for the Reputation and Brand Management department at Fanshawe College. The design team offers creative solutions to strengthen the brand identity in marketing, student recruitment and information materials by developing print, digital, web and multimedia assets all in effort to increase enrolment and support strategic goals.     






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