Intent creates a detailed, easy-to-follow, visually-captivating Report for the Canadian Astronomical Society

By Benjamin Hagon RGD, Co-Founder & President at Intent


Every 10 years, the Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA) lays out its vision for the ways in which Canada should invest in the future of astronomy— from small-scale ground-based facilities to large-scale investments in space astronomy. Intent was charged with making a document that spoke clearly and confidently to scientists and astronomers, but that could also capture the attention of those not directly involved in the field. We were asked to make a document that was enticing to the viewer no matter where they opened it — a document that was composed of technical information that could still be visually pleasing.
Our main takeaway from this project was just how important Canada’s role is in researching, investigating and uncovering the world beyond the stars. The recommendations put forth in this report all aim to answer fundamental questions about the origins of life on earth and throughout the cosmos, whether or not we’re alone in the universe and how we can keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the field of space exploration.
This document is packed full of hyperlinks and interactive features, which proved challenging, educational and interesting for our team. There are literally hundreds of hyperlinks throughout this long document that all needed to be linked up in InDesign and thoroughly checked by the client. A lesson in focus and discipline!
We worked extensively with the CASCA project team to develop a report that not only fulfilled the need to layout a great deal of information, but that is visually appealing, tidy and easy to follow. While there certainly were challenges in finding the right balance between pure information and appealing visuals, we were able to develop a design language that made the sometimes dense material light and digestible. The result is a beautiful, informative roadmap for the next 10 years of space exploration in Canada.


Ben is an award-winning design specialist with over 19 years’ experience as a graphic designer, creative director and entrepreneur. Ben’s work has been recognized by the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Artists), Advertising and Design Club of Canada, Graphic Designers Canada, RGD (Registered Graphic Designers), Applied Arts and more. His work has been published in periodicals from California to Beijing.


Ben is renowned for his passionate commitment to his clients, his ability to listen to them, understand their challenges and turn those insights into award-winning design work that always meets client objectives. In 2013, Ben launched Intent, which has grown to become Canada's #1 communications agency for non-profit organizations.


Ben is a graduate of the internationally recognized University of Arts London’s (UK) graphic and media design bachelor degree program.


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