Vancouver Film School Scholarship Winners Announced

Vancouver Film School offered seven RGD Provisional Members a scholarship to their one-year Digital Design Diploma program. Through this program, students learn the in-demand skills to become interactive, user experience or motion design professionals.


This scholarship program was exclusively launched for the RGD Members in May 2021, giving priority to the BIPOC applicants. The scholarships can be applied to the 2021 and 2022 course start dates.


We interviewed Juliette Fiszka Provisional RGD, winner of the full scholarship.

Why did you apply for a VFS Scholarship?
When I received the RGD e-newsletter about the VFS Scholarship, I was already on a quest to update my design skills to expand my freelance services to include animation and interactive content creation. However, it was getting difficult to freelance full-time and find enough time to learn new skills. This program came to me at the perfect time — since it is a 12-month course, I will not be away from my practice for too long and will have a competitive advantage at the end of it.
What are you most excited about experiencing/learning as part of a VFS program? 
I am particularly excited about immersing myself in the learning environment again and taking the time to experiment, especially with motion graphics. Before the pandemic, I attended networking events weekly so I am also looking forward to meeting my peers as well.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years and how do you see the VFS program helping you to get there? 
In 5 years, I see myself directing large immersive and interactive installations. The VFS program will give me the experience and confidence I need to excel in the digital design industry and help extend my network by connecting me with like-minded individuals.
"When I initially decided to pursue higher education in Canada, VFS was my first preference. Unfortunately, that did not work out. But I was keeping an eye out for opportunities to study at VFS and was even in touch with the then Admissions Administrator, Ms. Dorothy Mathias. When I came across the RGD's VFS Scholarship program, I couldn't let the opportunity pass," says Athul Alexander Provisional RGD, who was awarded a partial scholarship.
"I have been in the design industry since 2014, and the one thing I have learned is to never stop learning. This world has a lot to offer if you believe in yourself. And so, I took the opportunity and applied for this scholarship to study at one of the best schools in Canada," offers Priyanka Chanda Provisional RGD, another partial scholarship recipient. "I am excited about learning from the industry leaders, the opportunities the VFS program will bring to further my career and the new connections I will make along the way."   
Scholarships were also offered to Provisional RGDs Joseph Fawzy, Anna Lin, Madiha Jan and Geoff Krawiec. 

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