52 Pick-up Award for Typography
What to enter: any project that demonstrates the strategic and effective use of typography.




Courtney Echlin, Freelance Graphic Design, Vancouver, BC

Courtney is a Vancouver-based freelance graphic designer. After studying Graphic Communications Management (BTech) at Ryerson University in Toronto, she gained a unique background in business and design. With this, and 9 years of experience, she aims to create designs that are both beautiful and strategic. In her most recent role as Cactus Club Cafe's in-house Senior Graphic Designer, Courtney worked on a wide variety of projects from brand development, social media content, asset creation for promotions and campaigns, print publications, hoarding signage as well as leading photoshoots. For her, it's as much about the creative process and collaborating with passionate individuals as it is the end product.


What will you be personally looking for from the entrants to identify winning work?
Typography is more than selecting beautiful fonts. It's a crucial component of design that creates a strong visual hierarchy and sets the product's overall tone. It can add so much to a design project, but it can also break it. I'll be looking to see if the designer has taken the time to consider the relationship between the look of the text and what the text says, how the designer combines different typefaces in order to achieve visual harmony and the typographic hierarchy.

Edmund Lam, Executive Creative Director at Bleublancrouge in Montreal, QC

Edmund has 15 years of experience working with Montreal’s top creative agencies and fashion brands. Previously he headed up creative and strategy at fashion disruptors Frank And Oak and retail giant Browns. He cut his teeth early on at Sid Lee and CloudRaker, crafting experiences for the likes of Samsung, Cirque du Soleil, Air Transat, Stella Artois, Natrel, Neutrogena and the Toronto International Film Festival.


What will you be personally looking for from the entrants to identify winning work?

“Design is a language, it speaks as much as words do. Just like how a careful choice of words can colour the overall message, typography has a similar effect. It plays a crucial part in setting the tone of any design. I will look for type choices that don't just serve the message but elevate it with surprise and delight.”


Nick Monteleone, Co-Founder and Creative Director at 52 Pick-up Inc in Toronto

Nick has 30+ years of experience in design, specializing in builder-developer branding and marketing. His logo for Hockey Night in Canada, a graphic brand created 25 years ago, is still in use today! He has created some of the most successful campaigns for new development projects across Canada, selling billions of dollars in real estate. He is the recipient of numerous awards of excellence from prestigious organizations including BILD, OHBA, CHBA and The Nationals (USA).


What will you be personally looking for from the entrants to identify winning work?

In my humble opinion, the vital component of an award-winning entry is well-disciplined creativity; the ability to express smart thinking visually and intentionally. I will examine the use of colour, balanced design, exceptional typographical understanding and the ability to express a message instantly; a graphic “aha!” moment. I will look for core competency, intelligent expression, flawless execution and a design that embodies exceptional graphic structure. In the end, the winning work will exemplify disciplined creativity and showcase the designer’s with.