Context Creative Award for Storytelling Design
What to enter: any project that communicates and engages with a strong sense of narrative and purpose, combining words, images, graphics and your choice of media. Examples include editorially-inspired design projects, such as long-form articles, reports, or feature articles that may include the integration of infographics, illustrations, videography and more.




Amanda Boltë RGD, Creative Director in London, ON

As an award-winning designer and Creative Director bringing with her over 20 years experience to fast-paced studio environments, Amanda has led creative teams for clients such as Tim Hortons, A&W, Harley Davidson, Labatt Breweries, FCA Canada (Chrysler), Jolly Jumper and more producing packaging, branding, print, photography, digital signage and new media.


What will you be personally looking for from the entrants to identify winning work?
I will be looking for new perspectives, creativity, and innovative design thinking. I will be focusing on font and colour choices, understanding your design decisions, and how you applied the solution to serve the design challenges, while appealing to the end user or demographic. 


Christine Caruso, Senior Associate, Strategy & Content at Context Creative in Toronto, ON

With experience in strategy, marketing and communications, Christine helps clients connect strategic insights with storytelling that resonates with audiences and inspires action. She has led everything from content strategy and consultations to integrated campaigns and large web overhauls for clients that include CAAT Pension Plan, Evergreen and Enbridge Gas. She founded NXT City, a non-profit that engaged emerging urban designers to reimagine public spaces. 

“In design, storytelling is all about emotion — it’s hooking the audience at a level that speaks to both their mind and their hearts. I’m looking forward to seeing submissions that use design or copy in imaginative or engaging ways to draw the user in and connect on a deeper, more emotional level.”


Cecilia Martinez, Interactive Design Manager at Unbounce in Vancouver, BC

As an Interactive Visual Designer, Cecilia is passionate about creative and strategic processes that improve cross-collaboration. Previously she worked as an Art Director for Wunderman and Proximity BBDO Mexico. Her experience in advertising agencies and in-house teams allows her to help designers significantly impact their teams. 

What will you be personally looking for from entrants?

“I will be looking for the insight that inspired you to create your story. Is the concept unique and relevant to the audience? The idea might be good, but how about the execution? Are you considering all the details during your creative process that will help you deliver a great story? I'll be looking at your story's structure and the overall experience you created. Are the visuals and copywriting connected? Are they seamless? Is this idea something I would like to share with others? Is the channel chosen the best one for delivering the story? 

Robin Miller RGD


Robin Miller RGD, Senior Graphic Designer & Branding Creative in BC

With 8+ years of multi-disciplinary experience across graphic, web and apparel design, Robin's passion is storytelling. She works with change-makers to leverage unique brand traits to communicate, empower, inspire and engage consumers.


What will you be personally looking for from entrants?

I'll be looking for purposeful, inspiring and fresh concepts executed impeccably. These should demonstrate an understanding of the impact of visual storytelling on the audience, medium and project objectives. I'll also be evaluating the use of typographic structure, hierarchy, font choices, colour theory and the selection and application of imagery. 


Andrea Rodriguez RGD, Toronto, ON

Andrea is an award-winning creative who aligns inspiration, business objectives and story-telling into powerful and clear experiences. As a multi-disciplinary designer, she specializes in typography and lettering, muralism and digital design (social Media, HTML5 ads, gifs).


What advice would you give to a student? 

“It is important to remember that we are a community and that there is space for everyone who puts in the work. If you are scared to enter, I think that you need to believe in yourself and your work.”