Forge Media + Design Award for Logo Design
What to enter: any project that is intended to represent and identify a company, product, service or organization and its essence graphically to be applied consistently across all visual materials representing that company, product, service or organization.




Nathalie Cusson, Creative Director, Design at Le Parc Design, Juniper Park \TBWA in Toronto, ON

With over 20 years experience in the advertising and design industries, Natalies’s expertise is focused on corporate identity design, editorial design and art direction, with experience in retail environment design, motion and filmmaking. She has worked on many iconic Canadian brands, including Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine, Fairmont Hotel & Resorts and Telus.

What will you be looking for from entrants?

“I will look for projects that bring something new to the design landscape. That could be done through a simple but smart idea, a fresh new visual expression, an exceptional, personal, execution or a combination of all of these. Work with a clear intention usually stands out, and if it makes you look, it deserves to be recognized.


Niël Havemann RGD, Senior Digital Experience Designer at Forge Media + Design in Toronto, ON

With an aptitude for clean and effective design, Niël threads his keen sensibility for user-centred design through all phases of his work. With a background in print and media design, and professional experience in brand, web and UX design, Niël has established himself as a truly multidisciplinary designer.

What will you be looking for from entrants?

“I’ll be looking for marks that are concise and free of ornament, are well-balanced and students who carefully consider the relationship between symbol and type. Entrants should invest extra time distilling their mark to the true essence of the brand, without relying on trendy embellishments.”


Shannon Hewlko, Creative Director at Roadmap Agency in Calgary, AB

An experienced designer, strategist and entrepreneur, Shannon brings with her over a decade of knowledge on the intersection of brand and business growth. Her career began in advertising. She then opened her own business to provide clients with customized business and branding strategy.

What will you be looking for from entrants?

“I will be looking for logos that connect with the target audience in a meaningful way and fill a need in the marketplace. Ensure each choice you make for your brand is well thought through, from font choices, to graphics, symbols, colours and imagery.