Frontier Award for Editorial Design
What to enter: any project designed as an article, magazine, newspaper or publication in print and/or digital formats.



Ross Chandler RGD, Founder & Creative Director of Becoming Design Office in Victoria, BC

Ross is a 15 year veteran of the graphic design industry who founded his own brand design studio in 2018. A graduate of OCADU in Toronto, he has worked at leading creative studios in Toronto, Vancouver and Tokyo. His design approach is process-based, strategic and often relies heavily on typography.

What will you be looking for from entrants?

“I will be looking for solutions with innovative thinking that captivate the audience, communicate effectively and make sense in the context of the work or problem. I’ll be looking for ideas that push through the trendiness.”


Kateland Clarke, Design Director at Pound & Grain in Vancouver, BC

With over a decade of experience, Kateland‘s diverse background givesher insight into how to strengthen brands to ensure success. She has a natural eye for creative communication that works, a razor sharp eye for detail and an unflappable approach to every hurdle.

What will you be looking for from entrants?

I’ll be looking for innovation; someone who pushes the boundaries of what we already see so much of, and who brings a fresh perspective. And just as importantly, attention to detail! Your typography and composition should be tight AF.



Esther Sunghee Byun RGD, Graphic Designer & Art Director at Esther Sunghee Design in Toronto, ON 

Esther is an experienced graphic designer and art director with a strong background in editorial design, digital design and branding. With an aptitude for clean and effective design, Esther brings her sensibility for user-centred design to all of her work.

What will you be looking for from entrants?

I will be looking for: originality, creativity and excellent execution. I will be searching for a unique style with a strong grid system, playful use of typography with hierarchy, consistent colour palette with contrast, effective design choice of illustrations or photographs and a concept that is packaged well from the beginning to the end of the editorial story.


Roland Haddad, Visual Communications Manager at Air Canada in Montreal, QC

Curious about everything related to visual art, Roland has an eye for detail and a strong critical sense. With more than 10 years experience in the field, he is still just as passionate about shape, colour, photography and typography. In his current job at Air Canada as Artistic Director for the monthly employee magazine, he proposes simple and clear visuals aligned with the brand image.

What will you be looking for from entrants?

“I’m looking for consistency, visual quality of the used elements whether it’s vector-based files or photography, colour palette selection, typography or overall look and feel of the work. A balanced marriage between all points listed above would be considered a good design but this doesn’t mean that entrants can’t break the rules and provide something unexpected.”


Krista McEachern​ RGD​, Owner of Kree Design
Krista is a Graphic Designer and Communications Specialist based in Quinte West, Ontario. Branding, Print and Digital Media are her areas of specialization. For Krista, it’s all about providing design services at a high standard for an amazing, personalized experience. She provides her clients with branding materials and inspiration to help launch their businesses, while ensuring they are enjoying the experience, learning along the way and are extremely happy with the end result.
What will I be looking for to identify winning work?
I will be looking for creativity/uniqueness primarily, and how well it gets the desired message across through design elements (colour/contrast, typography, balance).

Paul Kawai, Design Director at Frontier in Toronto, ON

Paul has over 10 years experience designing and leading teams to create visual identities, architectural environments, publications, websites and campaign initiatives for a range of clients. At Frontier, Paul provides creative and organizational leadership across all projects while also fostering relationships with clients and collaborators.

What will you be looking for from entrants?

“To start, I want to see solid best practices in use for typography choices and hierarchies, clear and readable layouts, contrast and sizing considerations from an accessibility perspective… basically all those things that show a strong understanding of how to design content to reach the most people in a welcoming way. Balanced with this, I want to see efforts and risks taken to create an editorial style that feels new and refreshing, and not derivative of trendy publications on the market.”