Intent Award for Accessible Design
What to enter:  any project that explores design that is accessible to the greatest number of people, to the largest extent possible, regardless of their age or ability, across all design disciplines. All projects will be judged based on the application of accessible design principles in the development of the design solution.




James Bisch, Creative Director at Intent in Toronto, ON

James draws from over 15 years of agency-side visual in his role at Intent – an objective-driven communications agency that is uniquely focused on working collaboratively with non-profit clients to achieve their communications goals and improve lives. He has been recognized by various national awards including the RGD Social Good Design Awards. He is also a part-time instructor and sits on the Program Advisory Committee at Conestoga College.


What will you be personally looking for from the entrants?
Whether designing for a unique audience with very specific requirements or communicating to as broad and inclusive an audience as possible, a whole-minded consideration of that audience is the beating heart of accessible design. I don’t subscribe to the idea that designing for accessibility can only result in works that are crudely simplistic. I’ll be looking for works that nestle between the intersection of a robust functionality and clarity that is demonstrably considerate of its audience, and yet emanates true beauty through its simplicity, striking all the right emotional chords. For me, this is our discipline’s finest hour.


Diana Campbell RGD, Digital Experience Manager at Alberta Blue Cross in Edmonton, AB

Diana is an experienced usability engineer, human-centered designer, accessibility champion and digital strategist who has dedicated her career to helping bridge the gap between real people and business goals. At Alberta Blue Cross, she has been recognized for her extraordinary commitment to innovation and purpose-driven strategy, bringing in new business growth and increasing the retention rate on a multitude of digital platforms. 


What will you be personally looking for from the entrants?
I am looking for entrants who have a deep empathy and understanding of what accessibility truly is and how their works shows up as being barrier-free.