Insights from the RGD's Creative Briefs and In-take Process Webinar for In-House Designers

On January 12, the RGD hosted a webinar, featuring presentations by Solveig McTrowe, Partner and VP of Customer Success and Andrew Flaro, Senior Account Manager at FunctionFox showing how automated intake processes and briefs can foster a better relationship between you and your clients.


Moderated by Kathleen Scott RGD, below we share highlights from the webinar:

  • Project intake forms and creative briefs standardize data getting you the stats you need to add value to your team and processes. 
  • Every software system should be able to enhance your process. Don't start with the software system and then have it dictate your process. Look at the size, requirements and pain points experienced by your team, then decide on a process that works best for you.
  • Even if you are a one-person "creative team", it is important to have processes in place because, in the in-house environment, there can be a lot of turnover and shifting. A one-person "team" can quickly become a five-people team, having a process makes growth or handovers much simpler.  
  • Automating the intake process and meticulously fine-tuning intake forms and creative briefs will eliminate digging through emails, Slack conversations, etc. to find missing information to begin the project. 
  • Be very specific when making your forms. Ask for information about which department is requesting the work, include dates for meetings, deadlines, language, fonts, print specs, budget — find a software that allows for customization. 
  • The person requesting the work should put a lot of thought into what they really want, but the person receiving all of this information needs to come up with a solid project plan incorporating timelines and deliverables to discuss with clients.
  • At the beginning of the project, set expectations, share guidelines and negotiate realistic timelines even if that means you have to be candid about capacity and team-size. 
  • Make sure to discuss your forms and processes with other departments so they are aware of expectations. This is especially important today when most of us are working remotely. 
  • Your intake process and forms need to be revisited, either every few  months, yearly or whenever your team has issues with receiving complete and detailed information.
  • Almost every software option has some sort of free trial that you should take advantage of. Choose a small team of people from various departments and see if it is working for you. It's possible that if you get buy-in from a group of designers and maybe one of the external departments, you can push it foward in your company with their help. 
Watch a clip from the Webinar:


Recording of the webinar available in the Members-only section of the RGD website.


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