About the Committee
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The Communications Committee consists of a minimum of 3 Members whose duty it is to investigate and report to the Board on matters related to the  communications activities of the RGD. 



- Advise on how the RGD communicates in print, on our websites, in our email communications and on our social media channels
- Propose, develop and review recommendations for Membership communications and recruitment strategies
- Propose, develop and review strategies to raise awareness of the Association beyond the design community


Get Involved

Criteria for Committee Members

  • Experience working with all forms of communications particularly digital and social media.
  • Time to contribute to the work of the Committee via email feedback, videoconference meetings and independent and group work.
  • Must be a Certified RGD or Provisional RGD Member


2021 Goals


Newsletter - Content Creation

  • Review and research content for RGD's Weekly Email Newsletter
  • Social Media - Instagram
  • Going for 10,000 followers!
  • Redesign our highlights on our profile
  • Design more templates for recurring types of posts


Social Media - LinkedIn

  • Getting to 15,000 followers!
  • Design more templates for recurring types of posts
  • Standardize appearance of RGD on profiles of Board, Committee and all Members.
  • Slack
  • Continue to foster growth of this private community for RGDs. Monitor which channels are successful, and alter/create new ones
  • Standardize appearance of Board Members (RGD logo, title)
  • Social Media Ambassadors
  • Appoint a member of the Committee for each of Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack. They will encourage engagement, comment and keep an extra eye out on their specific platform.



  • Support other RGD initiatives (UltraBOLD, Certification) through the creation of engaging video content with sponsors/partners
  • RGD Members Logo Use Guidelines
  • Release detailed guidelines for how Members can leverage their professional RGD designation across all channels (from using the RGD logo to how they list themselves on LinkedIn).


RGD Website

  • Retain pro bono design and development partners for redesign, looking to complete by end of 2021
  • Other
  • Pinterest - revisit RGD’s Pinterest page which exists but we haven’t been doing anything with.



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