About the Committee
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The Education Committee consists of a minimum of 3 Members and organizes and conducts matters related to the educational activities of the RGD.




- Identify and advise opportunities for RGD to expand and develop its programs and services for students, recent grads and design educators

- Identify and advise on opportunities for RGD to increase its exposure to students, recent grads and design educators
- Identity and advise on opportunities for RGD to help increase standards of knowledge, skill, professional conduct and ethics for all graphic designers and design educators.


Get Involved


  • Interest in and/or understanding of graphic design education in Ontario.
  • Experience working with students and/or attending RGD student events and/or knowledge of RGD programming for students.
  • Time to contribute to the work of the committee via email feedback, teleconference discussions and independent and group work.
  • Must be a Certified RGDProvisional RGD or Affiliate Member (Affiliates can serve for up to 1 year, during which time they are required to become Certified if they wish to remain on a Committee.)



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