Skillshare Courses to Build your UI and UX Expertise

Nicole Duncan RGDJaimie Pullinger RGD and Zunash Chagany Provisional RGD from the RGD's Events Committee curate a list of 3 Skillshare courses to help you design websites for a universal audience, customize your design system and create a fully-functional prototype using Figma.


Inclusive UX: Designing Websites for Everyone

In a world that depends on technology for everything, prioritizing UX that includes people of all abilities is crucial. UX designer and accessibility expert Reginé Gilbert walks you through the key principles you need to be aware of as you design for a universal audience.
Through clear guidelines and easy-to-use components, design systems keep everyone aligned, enabling everyone to spend less time on repeating tasks and more time on the creative work that matters. Web developer Brad Frost teaches his Atomic Design methodology to build a truly flexible, thoughtful and effective system that last.


How to Design & Prototype Mobile UX/UI Design Experience Using Figma


Aaron Lawrence, a principle UX designer at Pivotal and UX instructor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco teaches this very comprehensive introductory Figma tutorial. The course goes beyond the basics to give you all you need to know about Figma by walking through the design and prototyping of a shopping experience.